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News video games 01 July 2021, 17:36

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Songs of Conquest Devs Present a Beautiful Map

The creators of Songs of Conquest, a promising strategy game inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic series, published a status update. They revealed what elements require improvement and showed a beautiful map of one of the lands present in the game.

  • The creators of Songs of Conquest have revealed their current progress on the game;
  • The title still requires AI improvements, interface modifications and the design of more character models and buildings;
  • A map of the land, which we'll explore in one of several campaigns, was also presented.

Songs of Conquest is an upcoming turn-based strategy game inspired by such hits as the iconic Heroes of Might and Magic 3. The game's trailer was presented during this year's E3 and it quickly won the hearts of players with its beautiful graphics and familiar gameplay. The scale of interest surprised even the devs, who informed about it in a post on their website. In addition, they also revealed how work on the title is progressing.

Developers do not hide that Songs of Conquest is far from completion. Currently, Lavapotion is working on improving the AI. Currently, it does not meet the requirements that are set before it, as its simplicity does not allow for proper testing of the mechanics used in the game. Closed tests of the Alpha version were to remedy this. 100 players were selected in order to check Songs of Conquest's performance in multiplayer mode.

Songs of Conquest Devs Present a Beautiful Map - picture #1
Map of Arleon campaign, one of the game's storylines

The developers are also constantly working on the interface. Menus and keyboard shortcuts are still undergoing changes to make them as intuitive as possible. Visual effects are also being refined. Developers presented, among others, the process of expanding the city and one of the spells, which we'll be able to use in battle. However, the developers still haven't finished designing the buildings and units of some of the factions we'll see in the game.

Lavapotion has also released a beautiful map showing a vast realm. It is related to the Arleon campaign, which is one of several storylines offered by Songs of Conquest. It was noted, however, that it may still change.

At the end, the creators revealed that we must arm ourselves with patience, because in the near future we will not receive any new information about the game. As they themselves admitted, they intend to take full advantage of the short Swedish summer. For more details about the game we'll have to wait until the fall.

The release of Songs of Conquest is expected at the beginning of 2022. The strategy game will appear only on PC. It will be available on GOG, Steam and Epic Games Store.

Songs of Conquest

Songs of Conquest

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