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News video games 17 January 2022, 18:01

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Sony Renews Trademark for Psygnosis - Devs of Lemmings and WipEout

Sony has extended protection for the Psygnosis trademark in North America. It's unclear if this marks the brand's return to life.

  • Sony has extended protection for the Psygnosis trademark;
  • This does not mean that the brand will come back to life;
  • Most likely, the goal is to secure ownership for years to come.

Analyst Roberto Serrano shared an interesting observation on Twitter. Here's the thing, on December 1, Sony extended the protection for the trademark of the studio and publisher Psygnosis in North America. We are talking about the company known for such iconic titles as WipEout or the Lemmings series.

Among fans of the aforementioned productions, this may have raised hopes for the studio's return to life. While this scenario cannot be ruled out, the reason for the trademark extension is probably much more mundane. It was registered back in 2001, and in North America trademarks expire after ten years.

This means Sony was forced to renew the registration in 2011 to prevent foreign entities from using the studio's name. The company made the move, although Psygnosis itself has not operated under that name since 2000. Probably we are dealing with a similar situation now. Thanks to this procedure, the aforementioned trademark has been protected until 2031.

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