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News video games 03 March 2016, 14:15

author: luckie

Spintires pulled from Steam after alleged sabotage by lead dev

Despite what people say, the developer and the publisher of Spintires have both denied the suspicion that the former had sabotaged the game. Although the game was indeed broken and subsequently withdrawn from sale, it's going to be fixed soon.

It would seem that Spintires is having some serious trouble right now. The all-terrain truck simulator has been pulled from Steam after the game was found to have been plagued by numerous bugs lately, which ultimately rendered it completely unplayable. Since the bugs looked like an intentionally planted “timebomb”, the Internet assumed that it was Pavel Zagrebelnyj, the developer himself, who sabotaged his own game to atract the attention of the publisher, Oovee, which still hasn’t fully compensated Zagrebelnyj for his work. If this turned out to be true, it could quickly explode into a heated scandal.

However, both Oovee and Zagrebelnyj denied the sabotage scenario. On their official forum, the publisher said:

We are aware of recent press speculation relating to sabotage of the Spintires game by the lead developer Pavel. We wish to express our displeasure at this speculation and totally refute these and other recent allegations. It is a shame that some press are reporting this without talking to us, and even saying in some articles they are yet to talk to us.

In an interview for Gamastura, Zagrebelnyj explained:

But there is in fact a time-related bug (a self-check uses time functions to see if game wasn't cracked by pirates) which was not fixed in time (because we have little to no communicating with Oovee). The bug was fixed a day ago and should be uploaded to Steam - I dont know what actually prevents Oovee from going with it now.

Oovee assures the fans that it will bring Spintires back on tracks soon. However, it is still unknown when the game will return for sale on Steam.

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