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News video games 14 January 2019, 12:21

author: Aquma

Steam hosts more than 30 thousand games at this point

Steam host more than 30 thousand video games at this point. The fact that most of them came out in the last 2 years is, however, symptomatic.

Steam hosts more than 30 thousand games at this point - picture #1
More and more games appear on Steam.

Steam has beaten another record in terms of the number of available games. According to PC Gamer, there are almost 30,000 productions on the platform, not counting expansions, apps or movies, only video games. If we counted all the products available on the Valve platform, there would be more than 51,000 of them. It should be noted that the record was set a few weeks ago, but due to inaccurate calculation methods, it has been noticed only now.

Interestingly, according to SteamSpy, as many as 16 thousand of the aforementioned titles were released in 2017 (6700 games) and 2018 (9300 games). This means that over 53% of the productions on the most popular digital distribution platform have been released in the last two years. That’s an impressive and thought-provoking result, which, of course, also has its drawbacks – players have been complaining for a long time about the flood of weak, uninteresting games, which makes it difficult to reach the titles that are really worthy of attention.

Will the upward trend continue in 2019? It's hard to say at this point, but January kept up the pace – 243 games made their debut in its first 14 days.

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