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News video games 13 June 2022, 23:01

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Steam Next Festival Launches; Try Out Games Shown at 'Pseudo-E3'

Steam Next Festival is back, and with it comes the chance to check out the games we got to see during the recent presentations replacing the E3 trade show.

Steam Next Festival has launched and with it the opportunity to test recently shown games. Users of the platform can check out demos of titles presented during the broadcast of the last few days.

Officially the action started today, but many developers have released demos of their games much earlier. Below we have highlighted some of the more interesting titles. The full list can be found on the festival's website.

As always, for checking any demo we will receive a Festival Steam Next bedge, which will be upgraded along with subsequent games tested during the event. There will also be a live broadcast with the creators of selected productions.

Steam Next festival - selected games with demo versions:

  1. 1428: Shadows over Silesia - Czech RPG taking us to the past, both in action time (15th century in Silesia) and visuals (a lot of edges, as befits low poly).
  2. Alaskan Truck Simulator - Polish truck simulator set in "merciless Alaska", which is an excuse to add survivalist elements.
  3. Anger Foot - FPS that takes us to Shit City (so classy) and lets us immerse in ruthless, dynamic shooting in clashes with hordes of enemies.
  4. Barkhan - An RTS inspired by the iconic Dune II. In the program: battle of three diverse factions over a desert planet.
  5. Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator - As the title suggests: the simulator in which we prepare beer.
  6. Cult of the Lamb - A charmingly dark roguelike in which an "innocent" lamb forms its own cult and cleanses the world of infidels (read: cultists worshipping "false" idols).
  7. Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed - A remake of the second installment of a humorous series of action games in which we don't fight off an alien invasion but rather lead our space brothers to conquer the Earth.
  8. Ghost Song - A sci-fi metroidvania with a female protagonist and powerful bosses. Samus Aran would be proud.
  9. Gunner, HEAT, PC! - A simulator of modern fighting machines, created by, in the creators' own words, "tank nerds" for the biggest fans of armored troops and realism.
  10. LEGO Brawls - LEGO meet team-based platform brawling in the style of Super Smash Bros. or (even more) MultiVersus.
  11. LEGO Bricktales - Another game with Danish bricks, this time with dioramas and puzzles solved by building.
  12. Metal: Hellsinger - A rhythm game, but not for those looking for soothing or fun songs. As The Unknown, we prefer rhythm counted - or fired - with guns, swords and other hellish weaponry.
  13. Midnight Fight Express - An isometric beat'em up from Jakub Dzwinel. We roam the city as an ex-criminal, following the trail of a drone and "accidentally" zapping innocent criminals (it's just one city to take over, after all).
  14. Moonscars - A metroidvania with a clay heroine longing to find her creator and uncover the mystery of her own existence.
  15. Signalis - Old-school survival horror sci-fi with manga visuals, whose creators clearly learned from the first installments of the Resident Evil and Silent Hill.
  16. Sweet Transit - Isometric economic strategy from the co-creator of Factorio. Here we build our own railroad empire.
  17. The Cub - A platformer in which a lonely child roams the Earth after the apocalypse, escaping from the rich people of Mars.
  18. The Last Worker - A narrative open-world FPP adventure game that tackles the difficult issue of increasing automation.
  19. Tin Hearts - A VR puzzle game with tin soldiers. No, we're not conquering a child's room here, but try to keep our subordinates alive. And they have a self-preservation instinct on par with Lemings.
  20. WrestleQuest - Almost a typical jRPG. "Almost", because what we have here is a humorous world dripping with wrestling, and instead of saving the world, we fight wrestling legends.
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