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News video games 18 March 2022, 12:25

author: Adrian Werner

Stellaris: Overlord DLC Will Add New Empire Management Options

Overlord, the next expansion for Stellaris, has been announced. The DLC will enable us to better manage our galactic empire.

Paradox Interactive announced Stellaris: Overlord, the next expansion for the popular space strategy game from 2016.

Overlord - what the expansion will offer

The developers' goal is to offer players additional options for managing a stellar empire. Overlord will enable us to "stand at the head of an entire galaxy of subordinates". Alien forces will be allowed to unite under our flag voluntarily or be forced to do so.

  1. The DLC will expand the diplomatic gameplay, focusing on relations between unequal forces.
  2. Overlord will offer a major overhaul of the vassalage mechanics to make it more attractive and offer benefits to both the stronger and weaker side of the relationship. Vassalage will be customizable with, for example, Vassal Contracts, Vassal Specialists and Overlord Estates.
  3. There will also be new starting conditions - five additional intros will be made.
  4. New space megastructures will be added, as well as other new objects to construct that will help us control a large empire.
  5. The expansion will offer a lot of freedom. Players will be able to create both a great galactic power, which will give profit to all parties involved, as well as let us become tyrants.

Stellaris: Overlord is a non-standalone DLC, so you will need the full version of the game to play. For now, the creators are not ready to give the planned release date of the DLC, but they promise that we will not have to wait long.

For now, the DLC has been announced only for the PC version of Stellaris. Paradox is slowly porting the expansions to consoles, but this is done with a long delay in relation to the PC.

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