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News video games 18 March 2021, 17:31

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Stellaris Update 3.0 Released Along With Nemesis Expansion

Paradox Interactive does not stop developing its space strategy. Along with the Nemesis expansion, Stellaris will receive an update to version 3.0.

  • Along with the new expansion, Stellaris will be getting an update to version 3.0;
  • The update will change the mechanics of espionage and first contact;
  • There will also be some minor interface changes.

On April 15, the next expansion for Stellaris, titled Nemesis, will launch. Along with the new DLC, the game will also receive an update to version 3.0. It will be available to all players, including those with only the base game. It will fix known bugs, as well as introduce minor changes in terms of interface and some gameplay elements.

The most striking changes are related to first contact mechanics. The developers wanted to make this stage of the game more mysterious, risky, and long-lasting. Among other things, the interface presenting our research of a particular alien species has been changed. It will gradually reveal new features and the appearance of aliens during our progress. Direct encounters with unknown civilizations are also to be more sensitive to possible misunderstandings, which may even lead to a war of first contact. The most xenophobic space empires, on the other hand, will no longer play around with closing borders. Instead, they will immediately open fire towards players' ships.

The developers have also simplified the mechanics of spy missions. With the release of the update, the division into offensive and defensive actions in terms of intelligence is to be made clearer. This change is related to the complaints of people who found the previous spy actions too complicated. Apart from that, there have been some smaller quality of life improvements. These are mainly additional options for sorting side menu items.

Update 3.0 is named Dick. It is obviously a tribute to Philip K. Dick, one of the most influential science-fiction writers. His works are also an inspiration for the developers from Paradox Interactive.

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