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News video games 16 April 2023, 21:45

author: Adrian Werner

Thanks to Delay, Suicide Squad is to Drop Permanent Connection Requirement (Leak)

According to reliable rumors, the big delay of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will result, among other things, in the removal of the requirement for a permanent Internet connection.

The day before yesterday we informed about the long delay of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the next project from Rocksteady, studio known for Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight. The latest reports suggest that this delay may be due to significant changes that will be made to the gameplay.

  1. According to new rumors, the developers intend to remove from the game the requirement for a permanent Internet connection.
  2. The game will offer a single player mode, but until now the developers have informed that even in single player it will be necessary to stay online.
  3. The source of this new information is the usually very well-informed journalist Jez Corden from Windows Central.
  4. Until these reports are officially confirmed, they should be approached with caution, but they seem likely. February's gameplay demonstration was met with a disastrous reception, and the online nature of the project was one of the things that upset players the most.

Recall that until recently, the release was scheduled for May 26, this year. Now the new date has been set for February 2, 2024.. This means a delay of as much as 252 days. So we wouldn't be surprised if it's not just a matter of removing the requirement for permanent Internet connection. Such a large delay may suggest that many other elements of the game will also change. Judging by the negative reactions to the gameplay presentation, fans are hoping for both a significant weakening of the online elements and a greater variety of fighting styles between the playable characters.

More than one gamer wonders how Rocksteady, known for its big single player games, could have erred so badly in assessing what the players want. Arguably, the bumpy and very long development cycle played a key role here. The team's previous game, Batman: Arkham Knight, was released in 2015, after all.

When work began on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the situation in the market was vastly different, and live-service games, battle passes and other similar solutions were not yet burdened with as many negative connotations as they are today. However, Rocksteady worked on its next project for so long that by then gamers had become heavily skeptic of such elements, and today many of them most crave classic single player titles.

  1. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - official website

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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