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News movies & tv series 12 October 2020, 15:39

author: Karol Laska

Here's a Nice Fan-made CGI Tokusatsu Show

A Brazilian 3D graphic designer boasted on the web a trailer of his production, inspired by Japanese tokusatsu shows from the eighties and nineties. Each scene uses CGI and easily outshines the quality of average Hollywood work.

Rafael Segnini is a talented artist who deals with 3D design. He may not be working on big Hollywood superhero movies, but he's creating on his own and he's doing a great job. The fruits of his work can be found on his YouTube channel; less than a week ago he shared his trailer (and it's not the first one) of a fan-made tokusatsu* show, Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion.

Tokusatsu is an Eastern TV or cinema formula, featuring robots, big monsters and special effects. A popular example of tokusatsu would be Godzilla or Power Ranger.

What's the distinctive feature of Brazilian artist's video? First of all, large scale and extraordinary precision of workmanship. Every scene you see in the trailer is computer generated. What's more, none of them look cheap. In addition, comparing the CGI video with the special effects known from modern American hits, Segnini is, in our opinion, the winner. If you want to see more of his work, visit his website and YouTube channel. Because it is simply worth supporting such visionaries.

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