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News video games 08 June 2019, 22:23

author: Michael Kulakowski

The Sims 4: Island Living - New Expansion Introduces Tropical Islands

Electronic Arts has announced a new expansion to The Sims 4, titled Island Life, which will take players to the tropical island of Sulani. The fans of the series can look forward to new activities, items, outfits, hairstyles and unexpected adventures in the tropical paradise.

The last segment of EA Play, EA's event prepared for the upcoming E3 fair in Los Angeles, was devoted to The Sims 4. The devs announced a completely new expansion, entitled Island Living. It will debut on sale on June 21 (PC) and July 16 (Xbox One and PlayStation 4). Finally, the developers also revealed that the next planned expansion will be released in fallm this year and will be called Realm of magic. However, we won't be able to find out more about it until the next few months.

The Sims 4: Island life will allow our Sims to live in the sunny Sulani lakeside. The devs took inspiration from the Polynesian culture, which was reflected in the architecture, nature and culture of this tropical paradise. Our characters can enjoy the benefits of sandy beaches and a clean ocean. Sims will not only indulge in sunbathing or building sandcastles, but will also be able to play with dolphins, fish, swim and dive in the open sea, or take a ride on a jet ski. In their free time they will also be able to get to know the local culture and friendly neighbors by taking part in traditional festivals and barbecues or drink a cup of local drink called kava together with the locals.

When we run out of money, we can try to earn a living as an angler, lifeguard and swimming instructor. The devs have also prepared a new career as an ecologist, dealing with the protection of the flora and fauna of Sulani. In addition, new tropical outfits and accessories, as well as hairstyles will be introduced. With new building materials and furniture we will build an island villa with direct access to the sea. A big attraction is also the possibility to create a Sim-Siren with magical abilities. In the editor we will be able to choose the shape of its fins and the color of its scales.

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Last update: 2019-06-08

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