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News video games 19 October 2022, 12:59

author: Agnes Adamus

The Sims 5 Announced as Project Rene; Check Out Early Version

Project Rene, the next installment of The Sims, was announced at the Behind The Sims Summit show. The project is currently in the early stages of development.

During the Behind The Sims Summit show, EA announced Project Rene, a game that in all likelihood will become the fifth full-fledged installment of The Sims. It was announced at a very early stage, as the developers want the community to take an active part in the development process. The video below contains preliminary information about the title and a short, rather crude presentation of the gameplay. The footage showing Project Rene begins at around the 27:00 mark.

Only fragments showing the build mode were presented, and it must be said that the whole thing looks promising. The video shows reworked style creation system from The Sims 3. This means that color palette will return, enabling us to freely customize the color scheme of objects. This element was missing in The Sims 4, which was the reason for the dissatisfaction of the community.

We can also see a complete novelty in the series - the ability to modify objects. Among other things, we will be able to determine the size of the bed or the appearance of furniture details. In addition, the project is to put a strong emphasis on the community aspects. In The Sims 5 it will be easier to share your projects with friends.

Project Rene is heading for PC and unspecified consoles. We are still years away from the release itself. Over the course of that time, however, we will have an insight into the progress of the work, and a small group of players will also be given the opportunity to test the game.

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Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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