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News video games 16 May 2022, 14:20

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

This F2P Gem Will be Appreciated by Vampire Survivors Fans

A possible competitor to Vampire Survivors has appeared on Steam. However, you won't pay even a dollar for it.

  • Vampire Survivors has lived to see some possible competition;
  • 10 Minutes Till Dawn offers similar gameplay and is completely free;
  • The game is recommended by as many as 96% of users who are familiar with it.

Vampire Survivors turned out to be an unexpected phenomenon that could start a new trend. Another game in this style has just appeared on Steam.

10 Minutes Till Dawn is a F2P game and its reviews are extremely positive.

A free gem

10 Minutes Till Dawn is a free game from studio flanne. At first glance you can see a lot of similarities to Vampire Survivors.

The new game also offers dynamic gameplay in isometric view. This time, however, on our way stand hordes of monsters straight from Lovecraft's horrors.

To deal with them, the players must master the control of individual characters. Each of them offers many special abilities that enable us to create various builds.

As you can see, this was enough to gain recognition among players. This is because the title can boast overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. Currently, as many as 96% of users recommend it to others.

"If you have heard about Vampire Survivors but never caught on to the hype, then this game could get you into the roguelike bullet-hell genre. It's short, but guarantees a ton of entertainment.

10/10, best spent 0 cents in my life," wrote user Boyfriend

"Attractive style, varied characters and gameplay that enables you to enjoy a few spare minutes. Overall, it's a good diversion worth your tim," writes DRUNK_CANADIAN

"The gameplay is great. At first I thought it was just a clone of Vampire Survivors but the holds its own," praises Shinkuhadoken

Positive reviews go hand in hand with growing interest. According to data from SteamDB, at the peak moment the title was launched by 3444 people.

This is just the introduction

In the future, players can count on a significant expansion of the title. 10 Minutes Till Dawn is in fact only a kind of introduction or demo version of another game.

Flanne is working on 20 Minutes Till Dawn, which will be a full, paid version of the already available title.

The game will boast new characters and a much larger number of available weapons and skills. 20 Minutes Till Dawn will also offer more game modes and more difficult challenges, thus greater replayability.

For now, we don't know the release date of the title, but it will probably debut on Steam very soon.

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