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press release Maiman 09 September 2018, 23:43

Ubisoft is giving away a free Rainbow Six Siege skin, but there's a catch

Rainbow 6: Siege now rewards you with a free Thermite skin... if you enable 2-factor authentication on your mobile. It's fairly simple, and eventually – Ubisoft claims – you'll have to do it anyway.

Strike while the iron is hot! Rainbow Six: Siege now has two hot deals for you – keeping you safer and letting you dress like a… Thermite. By enabling 2-factor authentication (2FA) you become eligible for downloading a “unique” Thermite skin for free. To do this, you need a smartphone armed with Android or iOS. Then you have to install Google Authenticator, synchronize your account and… that’s pretty much it. For more details follow these instructions posted on Ubisoft Forums.

Ubisoft is giving away a free Rainbow Six Siege skin, but theres a catch - picture #1
I mean, just look at those shades.

Beware, though, for the “get your Thermite for free” initiative is a time-limited offer. As Operation Grim Sky patch notes suggest, all Ranked matches will soon require 2FA to let you in at all. And you won’t be getting the skin when that happens, so authenticate away! Also, in case you forgot you’ve got Rainbow Six: Siege in your library, if you have already enabled 2FA in the past, you should have received the skin, too. So, maybe it’s time you revisited Ubisoft’s record-breaking SWAT simulator? Plus, Operation Grim Sky is looming on the horizon – so you’re in the best possible moment to begin your special forces training (or give it another shot).

The information first appeared on 07 September 2018, 00:34.

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