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News hardware & software 09 March 2020, 13:53

author: Adrian Werner

Unique Nintendo PlayStation Sold for Over 360 Thousand Dollars

The auction of Nintendo PlayStation, a prototype console that has never been officially distributed, has ended. The winning bid was $360,000.

Greg McLemore won the auction.
  1. The auction concerned a prototype of an unreleased console.
  2. The winning bid was 360 thousand dollars.
  3. The buyer is collector Greg McLemore.
  4. McLemore wants to create a museum dedicated to the video game industry.

Last month we wrote about the planned auctioning of a prototype of the Nintendo PlayStation, a prototype console which eventually did not make its market debut. Now the auction is over and the winning bid reached is360 thousand dollars.

Among the people taking part in the auction was Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR. However, Greg McLemore triumphed in the end, who made his money by creating and, among others. For years he has been collecting items related to video games, and his possession includes 800 arcade machines. McLemore wants to open a museum on the history of electronic gaming in the future.

The amount of 360 thousand dollars may seem high, but the organizer of the auction, Terry Diebold, is undoubtedly disappointed with its result. He had previously rejected an offer of $1.2 million made by a buyer from Norway. He believed that he would receive a higher amount during the auction. As you can see, this did not happen.

The console was the result of cooperation between Nintendo and Sony in the early 1990s. The prototype resembles a 16-bit SNES with an attached CD drive. Eventually, plans to release the device were abandoned, and Sony took care of creating its own platform.

Only 200 prototypes were made and most of them were destroyed. The auctioned copy is so valuable, because it may be the last one in the world. It once belonged to Olaf Olafsson - the founder, first president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment. After he left Sony, he joined Advanta Corporation as the president. When the latter corporation declared bankruptcy, the console was auctioned off along with other assets of the company. The auction was won by Terry Diebold.

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