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News video games 16 March 2021, 13:11

author: Bart Swiatek

Valheim Player Built a 1:1 Eiffel Tower Replica

One of Valheim players built a huge and faithfully recreated Eiffel Tower. More than 40 thousand blocks of wood were needed to create the building.


  1. One Valheim player recreated the Eiffel Tower in the game;
  2. The building was constructed from tens of thousands of wood blocks.

Valheim is attracting more and more people, and with it the number of unusual projects and ideas that players come up with while playing the title is growing. Among the creations we can already find Sauron's fortress, the Millennium Falcon or the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Now, the list has been expanded by a huge, wooden Eiffel Tower made in 1:1 scale.

We must admit that the construction looks impressive. It is as high as 400 metres and as wide as 124 metres (or rather blocks of wood - altogether over 40 thousand of them were used). The model is quite detailed - its creator even thought about atmospheric lighting, which looks impressive after dark. What's interesting, the building is so large that while exploring it we have to reckon with considerable drops in performance - while at the very bottom the number of fps exceeds 100, in the middle it's already 20, and at the very top the game becomes completely unplayable.

It is worth noting at this point that the tower was not created in the normal game mode. For this purpose, the so-called creative mode was used, which can be activated by entering the appropriate command in the game's console. In this way, we get the ability to freely build without any restrictions on the available materials.

Valheim is available only on PC in Steam's Early Access. The developers are still working on fixing bugs and new content, but - as they recently admitted - the huge popularity of the title overwhelmed them a bit, which will affect the pace of development.

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