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News video games 02 March 2020, 11:36

author: Adrian Werner

Valorant - Official Announcement and Gameplay From New FPS by LoL Devs

Riot Games, the studio known for League of Legends, has officially announced the online shooter Valorant. We got to know the release date and first details about the game. A gameplay video has also been published.

Valorant will debut this summer.
  1. Developer: Riot Games
  2. Genre: FPS
  3. Platform: PC
  4. Release date: Summer 2020
  5. Business model: free-to-play

After weeks of speculation, Riot Games officially announced Valorant, an online FPS, previously known under the temporary title Project A. The game is coming exclusively to PC and its launch is scheduled for the summer of this year.

The game will use free-to-play model with microtransactions. The devs promise low hardware requirements, dedicated servers with level 128 tickrate, precise hit recording and anti-cheater systems.

The creators also released a few-minute long gameplay footage, showing how Valorant looks like in action. The material was recorded in alpha version, so a lot of elements may still be changed.

It is worth mentioning that some interesting information about Valorant was provided by a popular sports commentator Rod Breslau. According to him, the game will take off with eight characters

Moreover, the game is to debut with at least seventeen types of weapons.

According to Rod Breslau, a presentation is scheduled for the middle of this month, to which the devs have invited many popular players and streamers specializing in shooters, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite or Overwatch. We can expect it to result in a flood of materials from Valorant.

  1. Valorant - official website
  2. Riot Games - official website


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