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News video games 30 September 2022, 13:06

author: Jakub Tarchala

Vampire Survivors 1.0 Release Date; Planned Changes

The big hit of a single developer, after months of updates and being stuck in early access, will receive a well-deserved full version and switch to a new engine.

After the huge success of the early version of Vampire Survivors some feared that the author might abandon the project and flee with suitcases full of money. Nothing could be further from the truth - the one-man studio poncle has announced the release date of version 1.0 and the game's transition to a new engine. The full release of Vampire Survivors will take place on October 20, 2022 on PC.

Vampire Survivors - changes in the full version

We can read the information in the official announcement on Steam. Below is the list of changes that will hit the game on release:

  1. The stats of some items will be balanced to increase their usefulness. The only nerfed item will be Holy water - which (according to the creator) is much more powerful than other weapons.
  2. Achievements will be modified. There will be new trophies and some of the old ones will have different unlocking conditions (if we already have these trophies we will not have to acquire them again).
  3. The title will receive support for as many as 12 languages. These will be: English, Chinese simplified, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian Turkish, and Italian. Originally, the game only had English language support.

Vampire Survivors - new "old" engine

The game will also get a new engine. Graphics will not be changed, but such elements as optimization, stability and compatibility will be improved. At the same time the creator will not get rid of the old engine for the time being and Vampire Survivors will be developed in two versions, with the new engine and with the current one - Electron. The choice of which version we will use is up to us. Meanwhile, below are some of the most important features of the new technology:

  1. The title will use more than one CPU core. This is expected to significantly increase the number of frames per second.
  2. The game will properly interact with devices that do not support the webGL extension.
  3. Linux compatibility will be introduced.
  4. A number of bugs will be fixed, including a problem with the game crashing after connecting multiple controllers, the conflict of cloud saves due to unusable files or the problem with changing key bindings.

The process of porting the game to the new engine is still underway and will probably be finalized by the end of this year..

It is worth noting that any game saves from early access will work with the full version. Moreover the new engine will not fix "wall clipping" - a bug that many players have complained about. As the developer jokes, this is not a bug but a feature.

The title was originally released in December 2021 in early access on Steam. The game instantly became a hit enjoying as much as 99% positive Steam reviews at launch (currently it is 98%). The author has been systematically introducing new content to the game, which came at the expense of increasing price.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors

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