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News video games 21 May 2022, 16:58

author: Agnes Adamus

Henderson: Warzone 2 Will Borrow Gear From EfT and Interrogations From RS Siege

Tom Henderson revealed what new features can be found in Call of Duty: Warzone 2, including an interrogation system and equipment similar to Escape from Tarkov.

Tom Henderson once again provides information on Call of Duty: Warzone 2. Just a few days ago the journalist mentioned the locations that we will see on the map in the upcoming production from Activision. This time he published an extensive text, in which he described new mechanics, which will appear in the title. Among them we can find interrogation system and fortresses.

  1. The new Call of Duty will feature an interrogation system similar to the one in Rainbow Six: Siege. In Ubisoft's online shooter, one of the operatives - Caveira - is able to knock down opponents and extract information from them about the location of members of the opposing team. According to Henderson, Warzone 2 is supposed to contain very similar mechanics, but at the moment it is in the early stages of development.
  2. Equipment system will be based on backpacks and is supposed to strongly resemble the solution known from Escape from Tarkov. Players will be able to put different pieces of gear into them - including, among others, ammunition and weapons. How much can be packed will depend on the size of the bag.
  3. "Pro perks" will be enhanced versions of basic skills that unlock additional abilities. Some of them will be assigned to specific classes, while others can be acquired during the game.
  4. Bulletproof vests will consist of replaceable plates. Players will be able to replace damaged pieces of armor to stay protected.
  5. The map will be scattered with fortresses guarded by AI.. Each player will be able to go to them and complete special tasks, and rewards will be given for successfully completing the goals.

Of course, keep in mind that this is not official information. Whether they it is true, we will find out in time.

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