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News video games 22 February 2021, 20:49

author: Agnes Adamus

Multiplayer Mode for Watch Dogs Legion Gets Release Date

We got to know the release date of the multiplayer mode for Watch Dogs Legion. According to Ubisoft's announcement, it will be available in just over two weeks and will offer, among other things, co-op missions.

Ubisoft announced the release date of the multiplayer mode of Watch Dogs Legion. The multiplayer will appear in just over two weeks, on March 9.

New game mode will enable us to create our own DedSec cell and travel with it through the streets of London, where we can also encounter other players. Everyone who decides to play in multi will have the opportunity to try out new co-op missions and tactical tasks on a higher difficulty level, designed for groups of four.

In addition, there will also be a PvP mode called Spiderbot Arena, in which two spiderbots compete in small arenas.

We remind that the release of multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs Legion was originally scheduled for December. Ultimately, however, Ubisoft decided to delay it in order to focus on fixing bugs that hinder gameplay.

Watch Dogs Legion was released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 29, 2020. It hit 9th-gen consoles on the days of their launch - November 10 for Xbox Series X/S and November 12 for PS5.

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Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion

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