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News video games 26 May 2022, 15:24

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

God Simulator WorldBox Just Got a Lot of New Features

WorldBox, the god simulator from Maxim Karpenko has just received a big update. Thanks to it you will play the role of a loving creator or a vengeful deity even better.

  • WorldBox received a major update, numbered 0.14.0;
  • The update brings hundreds of new features to the game as well as numerous fixes and balance changes;
  • The game will receive more updates of this kind in the future.

WorldBox is a game that offers a tremendous amount of options. It is a god simulator, so our task is to create an entire world and fill it with flora, fauna and intelligent beings.

Once that is done, we can observe their development, support their aspirations for greatness and intervene during crises. Of course, we can also take on the role of a vengeful deity, who prefers to send numerous plagues on the subjects instead of helping them.

With the big update made available yesterday, the range of gameplay options has become enormous.

Hundreds of new features and changes

Update number 0.14.0 is a good testament to the great ambitions of WorldBox's creator. The list of innovations and changes introduced by the patch is really impressive.

WorldBox 0.14.0 - what's new in the update

Many of the changes can radically affect the gameplay experience. Below you will find a list of the most important changes.

  1. You can unlock special traits and then give them to selected characters.
  2. Seven new world rules.
  3. Sixteen new minerals and resources.
  4. Dozens of new effects of consuming various forms of food.
  5. Four new biomes.
  6. New powers to help you orient yourself during battles.
  7. Over thirty new achievements.
  8. A dozen new maps.
  9. Six new mobs.
  10. Numerous bug fixes and new cheats.
  11. Hundreds of small balance adjustments and optimization changes.

Overall, the new update brings a huge set of changes and novelties. Just digging through the list published by the creator is quite a challenge.

However, this is definitely not the end of the game's development. It is still in early access, so in the future we can expect more updates, which will further expand the game.

What's WorldBox about?

WorldBox is an RTS that guarantees players a unique opportunity to create their own world. Acting as a god, we can design an entire planet and then fill it with life.

The game features four intelligent races (humans, elves, orcs and dwarves), which develop independently from our actions. NPCs expand their cities, take over the land and even fight among themselves for domination.

We can, of course, help them fulfill their ambitions. With the support of a divine being, small colonies can grow into large civilizations.

However, nothing prevents you from acting as a much more diabolical deity. Did your people do something you didn't like? Have your giant laser-shooting crab teach them a lesson.

There are many options of destroying the nations and the globe itself. You can use nuclear weapons, send plagues and turn the land into a burning wasteland. An interesting option is also the invasion of aliens.

So if you are interested in playing an absolute sandbox, then WorldBox may be the title created for you.

  1. WorldBox - official website
WorldBox: God Simulator

WorldBox: God Simulator

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