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Star Wars Jedi Survivor guide

Star Wars Jedi Survivor guide

May the BD-1 be with you On our interactive map to Star Wars Jedi Survivor we've marked all the seed pots, essences, blocked gates, Force Tears, Meditation Point, Merchants, Stims, Treasures, Databanka, Rumors and shortcuts. With our maps you'll finish game in 100%.

Last update: 20 July 2023

The following guide is a collection of the most important information about Star Wars Jedi Survivor that will help you complete the game in 100%. The walkthrough will help you get through all the most difficult stages of the game. We explain stealth attacks, the Force attacks as well as blocking and dodging. We have also provided tips and tricks, as well as lists of all available upgrades for the lightsaber, BD-1 droid, and new costumes and appearance options for Cal.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Guide content

Our Star Wars Jedi Survivor guide opens with a chapter on the game's basics. There, you will find tips and tricks for parrying, map exploration or death consequences. We have also prepared pages on the difficulty levels, all the available companions, using different lightsaber stances and the best skills to unlock.

We have devoted a lot of space in the guide to the FAQ section, which we have divided into thematic categories - combat, exploration, playable characters and plot. There, you will learn, e.g. how to use fast travel, how to save the game, how to pet animals, how to avoid green and blue obstacles, how to regain XP after death, how to heal yourself, how to change appearance, how to unlock a red lightsaber, how to reset skills, how to extend the health bar, who Bode Akuna is, and when does Darth Vader appear.

The next extensive chapter is a detailed main story walkthrough. There, we describe all the main mission objectives required to finish the game. In a separate chapter, you will find solutions to all puzzles, including optional chambers. We explained step by step how to solve each puzzle. Bosses also have their own chapter - you will learn about the location of elite opponents, recommended tactics and rewards for eliminating bosses.

A very important chapter is the one focusing on secrets and collectibles. We have described secrets from all major regions, i.e. Coruscant, Koboh, Jedha, Shattered Moon, Nova Garon and Tanalorr. These include chests, essences, databanks, Force tears, treasures and seed pods. The more important unique collectibles like stim canisters, fish and map upgrades are discussed on separate pages This will make it easier for you to explore all the locations in 100%.

The appendix describes some of the game's technical aspects. In the trophy guide, we have included tips on how to get the platinum trophy and unlock all 54 achievements. You will learn about PC system requirements, controls, and accessibility settings. On the page about language versions, we provide a complete list of supported languages in Jedi Survivor and explain step-by-step how to change the language in the game.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Don't try to reach every place right away. Some locations and collectibles are initially inaccessible - you must first unlock a specific skill or piece of equipment.
  2. Practice parrying strikes. It is very useful not only in avoiding damage, but it also allows you to go on the counterattack.
  3. Watch out for red attacks. They differ from regular attacks in that you can't parry or block them in any way.
  4. Look for Stim Canisters. They are the most important category of secrets, because they increase the number of healing charges.
  5. Exchange collectibles at merchants. Each of them accepts a certain type of secrets and you can exchange them to acquire, for example, new perks or lightsaber parts.
  6. Unlock new shortcuts. They are useful when you want to return to familiar locations and meditation points to rest and save.

You can find more tips for beginners on the Tips and Tricks page.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Basics

  1. List of companions - learn about AI-controlled companions. We inform who can travel with Cal and to what extent companions can help solve puzzles and win battles.
  2. Difficulty levels - in the game you can choose between 5 difficulty levels. We have described the main differences between them. You will also find out if you can freely change the difficulty.
  3. Stance - the page contains a detailed description of all 5 stances for lightsaber combat. You will learn how to unlock more stances and the best uses of stances for different types of fighting.
  4. Best skills - on this page of the guide we recommend how to develop your character.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: All main missions, walkthrough

  1. Coruscant - we described a long introduction to the campaign on the planet Coruscant. Among other things, you will learn how to reach the senator's yacht and interrogate him, how to get out of the Undercity Meats, and how to escape Coruscant in the Mantis.
  2. Find Greeza - this page of the guide describes the first visit to Koboh. We explain how to complete the mandatory puzzles and get to the Rambler's Reach Outpost, and how to unlock the hideout in the basement of the cantina.
  3. Find Gyro Module - on this guide page we've described the exploration of the  Smuggler's Tunnels to help you find the Gyro Module. You will also find solutions to new puzzles in this location, including those in The Chamber of Duality.
  4. The Forest Array: The third main mission on the planet Koboh. You have to break through the forest array and return to the Mantis. At this stage of the game, you will unlock access to mounts.
  5. Meet Cere on Jedha: During this task, you will fly to the planet Jedha to find Cere's base.
  6. Research Tanalor: This mission consists of two stages, during which you will look for information about Tanalor on the Shattered Moon and Koboh.
  7. Research Tanalor: This mission consists of two stages, during which you will look for information about Tanalor on the Shattered Moon and Koboh.
  8. Reach Pilgrim's Sanctuary: In this mission, you will return to the planet Jedha to hand Cordova the finds from the Shattered Moon. Then you will go to the Pilgrim's Sanctuary.
  9. Locate Brother Armias: In this task, you must go through the Pilgrim's Sanctuarye and solve the puzzle door to get to the room where you will find Brother Armias.
  10. Bring Contact Codes to Cere: After meeting with Brother Armias, you will get the contact codes, which you will have to give to Cere, who is waiting for you at the base, in the Archives. In this mission, you will have to go through many platforming sequences and learn a new ability - dash.
  11. Rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk: During this quest, you will return to Koboh to rescue Zee from Dagan. Get ready for many platforming sections.
  12. Locate Rayvis on the Shattered Moon: After rescuing Zee from Lucrehulk, you will set out for the Shattered Moon to get Rayvis. During it, you will improve your Ascension Cable.
  13. Confront Dagan at the Koboh Observatory: In this mission, you will return to Koboh to reach the hovering observatory. Along the way, you will unlock a new ability for BD-1 called Electro Dart.
  14. Bring Compass to Cordova on Jedha: In this quest, you will return to Jedha to hand the compass to Cordova. At this stage of the story, there will an unexpected twist.
  15. Locate the Traitor: This mission will take you to Nova Garon, where you will try to find the traitor and learn his motives.
  16. Align Arrays at Koboh Control Center: In this short mission, you must align the nodes to open the passage to Tanalor.
  17. Confront Traitor on Tanalorr: This short quest is the final mission of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, during which you will visit Tanalor to have the final duel.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: FAQ

This section of the guide has answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  1. How to refund the game? - On this page, you will learn all about refunding the game.


  1. Can you pet animals? - on this page you will read the most important question regarding the game. We explain how to pet the animals you encounter in Jedi Survivor.
  2. Is there Fast Travel in the game? - here you will learn how to use the fast travel points. We suggest how to use meditation points to move quickly around the map.
  3. How to save the game? - here we explain how to save the game and how to avoid losing progress.
  4. Are there shortcuts? - here we write whether you can use shortcuts. This is an important topic in terms of making map exploration easier.
  5. Is it possible to swim? - read this page to learn whether you can swim and dive in Jedi Survivor.
  6. Is there a 2D map in the game? - Jedi Survivor features an awkward 3D holographic map. Check this page to learn whether it can be replaced with a transparent 2D map.
  7. How to return to Coruscant? - you visit this planet at the very beginning of the game, but you cannot explore it 100%. You will learn how to get to Coruscant again.
  8. How to bypass a green gate? - green laser barriers are one of the types of obstacles in the game. Here you will learn how to unlock the option to go through the green gates.
  9. How to climb slippery slopes? - while exploring maps, you may come across steep slopes and will find an explanation of how to climb such terrain.
  10. Does the game have an open world? - here you will find information on the size of the world in Jedi Survivor. We explain how many planets the game has and whether the game has an open world.
  11. How to overload the blue wires? - sometimes you will come across wires that you can overload.
  12. How to grab balloons? - special balloons are an important part of exploration.
  13. How to catch a scavenger droid? - if you want to get all the collectibles, you will sometimes have to catch a small droid.
  14. How many planets are there in the game? - on this page you will learn all the most important information about the planets in the game.
  15. How to complete the planet in 100%? - this page is for everyone who likes to complete games in 100%.


  1. Are there stealth attacks in the game? - when playing Jedi Survivor, you may wonder whether you can use stealth attacks. The page describes how stealth attacks work.
  2. What are the consequences of Cal's death? - we described the consequences of Cal's death and how to regain lost XP.
  3. How to heal? - Cal cannot automatically recover health. Before playing, you should learn how to heal wounds.
  4. Is the game more difficult? - Here you will find answers about the difficulty level compared to its predecessor.
  5. How to destroy ceiling cannons? - While playing Jedi Survivor, you will come across stationary turrets. You can destroy them with Force powers.

Cal and BD-1

  1. Can you change Cal's appearance? - you will be pleased to know that in Jedi Survivor you can change the appearance of the main character. In the stores you can find new hairstyles, jackets, boots and additional clothing items.
  2. Can you change the appearance of BD-1? - our beloved little droid has received many interesting improvements and new parts. You will be able to freely select elements and change its appearance.
  3. Can you have a double-bladed lightsaber? - Jedi Survivor allows you to customize your weapons, and this guide page informs whether you can use a double-bladed lightsaber.
  4. Can you reset skill points? - in the course of the game, you can mistakenly spend points on things that are not very useful. We clarify whether the game allows you to reset skills.
  5. How to increase the health and Force bars? - the protagonist can permanently extend his health and Force bars. We explain how to do this.
  6. Is it possible to have a red lightsaber?- from here you will learn whether Cal can have a red lightsaber and where to get one.

Plot and characters

  1. Does Darth Vader appear in the game? - on the page we answer the question whether in Jedi Survivor the famous antagonist appears and whether it is possible to fight Vader.
  2. Are there companions? - here you will learn whether it is possible to travel together with a companion and the potential roles of AI companions.
  3. Is Merrin returning? - here you will find information on whether the Nightsister known from the first game returns and whether you can romance Merrin.
  4. Who is Bode Akuna? - we described a new companion that appears in Jedi Survivor for the first time. You will find out about his past and motives.
  5. Is it possible to join the Dark Side? - here you will read whether your character can switch to the Dark Side of the Force. We explain whether Cal can make important story decisions and whether it is possible to become evil.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Secrets and collectibles

Unique collectibles

  1. Stim Canister - here we described the most important type of collectibles. You will learn where the canisters are and how to increase the number of BD-1's healing charges.
  2. Map upgrades - on this page we have posted tips on how to get all map upgrades. This will make achieving 100% exploration of each planet even easier.
  3. Mysterious Keycode - here we have described a way to get and use a secret keycode that gives access to a hidden room.
  4. Force Tears - here you will learn all about the Force Rifts, including how to complete their challenges.
  5. All fish - this guide page explains how to catch all the fish available in the game.


  1. Rooftops - The page shows all 6 collectibles in the first location of the game.
  2. Renovation Site 4733 - In this location you can look for 9 collectibles.
  3. Industrial Stacks - This is a smaller location with only 2 collectibles.
  4. Undercity Meats - In this area, you will get 4 secrets.
  5. Freight Handling Depot - This location has 3 collectibles.
  6. Skylane Regulation Station - This is a very small location with only 1 collectible.
  7. Hangar 2046-C - This is the last location from Coruscant and has 4 secrets.


  1. Gorge Crash Site - This is where you begin your exploration of the planet Koboh. The area has 14 collectibles.
  2. Derelict Dam - One of the largest areas in the game. It has 47 collectibles.
  3. Winding Ravine - An additional location neighboring the Dam. There are 11 collectibles to find here.
  4. Southern Reach - Another large region of Koboh. You'll spend some time here, as for full completion you need to find 33 secrets.
  5. Water Treatment Works - A location that is a part of Southern Reach. You will find 6 collectibles here.
  6. Corroded Silo - Another location of Southern Reach, containing 6 collectibles.
  7. Chamber of Fortitude - Optional location with 5 collectibles including a valuable Essence.
  8. Flooded Bunker - This optional location in the central part of Southern Reach contains 6 collectibles.
  9. Riverbed Watch - A smaller zone with 12 collectibles.
  10. Hunter's Quarry - A zone neighboring Southern Reach, with 23 collectibles to find.
  11. Sodden Grotto - A zone in the underground part of Rambler's Reach, with 8 secrets to collect.
  12. Phon'Qi Caverns - Another underground location, but this one has as many as 31 collectibles.
  13. Rambler's Reach Outpost - The settlement in the center of Rambler's Reach has 37 collectibles.
  14. Pyloon's Saloon - This location, serving as the protagonist's hideout, has 5 collectibles.
  15. Smuggler's Tunnels - There are 11 collectibles in this secret passage behind the Pyloon's Saloon.
  16. Collapsed Passage - This location has only 1 collectible.
  17. Chamber of Duality - This story-important chamber hides 8 collectibles.
  18. Harvest Ridge - This relatively vast area contains 23 collectibles.
  19. Moldy Depths - This optional location adjacent to Harvest Ridge has only 1 collectible.
  20. Fort Kah'Lin - A bandit hideout with 13 collectibles.
  21. Untamed Downs - A fairly large area adjacent to Harvest Ridge has 38 collectibles.
  22. Chamber of Clarity - An optional location with 7 collectibles, including a valuable Essence.
  23. Alignment Control Center - This small location has 4 collectibles.
  24. Swindler's Wash - This average-sized location has 18 collectibles.
  25. Bygone Settlement - In this region, you'll find 15 collectibles.
  26. Basalt Rift - This part of Basalt Forest has 23 collectibles.
  27. Chamber of Reason - There are 8 collectibles in this optional location.
  28. Nekko Pools - Home of the lovely Nekko as 6 collectibles.
  29. Bilemaw Den - The great Bilemaw protects merely 3 collectibles.
  30. Rift Passage - This small region has only 2 collectibles.
  31. Forest Array - A huge area of Basalt Forest with 25 collectibles.
  32. Rehabilitation Wing - This small area has 2 collectibles.
  33. Magma Rift - Here you will find only 3 collectibles.
  34. Devastated Settlement - One of the most collectible-heavy locations. There are as many as 40 collectibles here.
  35. Boiling Bluff - This region has only 6 collectibles.
  36. Viscid Bog - The main area of this region has 13 collectibles.
  37. Chamber of Connection - An optional location with 7 collectibles. One of them is an Essence - picking it up marks this chamber as completed.
  38. Loading Gantry - There are 12 collectibles in this built-up area.
  39. Lucrehulk Core - This region has 12 collectibles.
  40. Yurt Barracks - The barracks have 12 collectibles.
  41. Generator Underbelly - Here you will find 7 collectibles.
  42. Forward Control Tower - There are 5 collectibles to find in this location, including one unlocked only after all Chambers have been completed.
  43. Foothill Falls - There are 12 collectibles to find here.
  44. Mountain Ascent - This area has 18 collectibles.
  45. Chamber of Detachment - In this optional area, you'll find 6 collectibles, including a valuable Essence.
  46. Marl Cavern - A small cave with only 4 collectibles.
  47. Fogged Expanse - This misty region has 24 collectibles.
  48. Imperial Post 8L-055 - There are only 4 collectibles to get here.
  49. Summit Ridge - You can find 8 collectibles in this area.
  50. Observatory Understructure - Along the way to the Observatory, you can find 6 collectibles.
  51. Diagnostics Corridor - A small location with 5 collectibles.
  52. Observation Deck - This location with view of the land has only 2 collectibles.


  1. Monastery Walls - The first area on the planet Jedha has as many as 19 collectibles.
  2. Penitent Chambers - There are only 5 collectibles here.
  3. Halls of Ranvell - There are 10 collectibles hidden here.
  4. Divine Oasis - Divine Oasis has 3 collectibles.
  5. Sheltered Hollow - Here you'll find 2 collectibles.
  6. Arid Flats - In this small area you will find 3 collectibles.
  7. Path of Conviction - This optional region has 4 collectibles.
  8. Wayfinder's Tomb - The tomb has 5 collectibles.
  9. Desert Ridge - There are 9 collectibles in this area.
  10. Narkis Highlands - There are 5 collectibles in this region.
  11. Veiled Hangar - There are only 3 collectibles here.
  12. The Archive - This story-related zone has 11 collectibles.
  13. Desert Passages - There are 3 collectibles here.
  14. Trailhead Pantheon - There are 9 collectibles here.
  15. Whistling Drop - In this area, you can find 5 collectibles.
  16. Blustery Mesa - This zone has 7 secrets.
  17. Crypt of Uhrma - Inside the crypt you can find 5 collectibles.
  18. Timeworn Bridge - Here you can find 4 collectibles.
  19. Singing Ruins - Only 2 collectibles to find here.
  20. Sanctuary Temple - The temple has 6 collectibles.
  21. Buried Refuge - You can find 6 collectibles here.
  22. Sepulcher Pass - Only one collectible here.

Shattered Moon

  1. Cargo Loading Deck - The first location you'll visit on Shattered Moon has only 1 collectible.
  2. Automated Forge - There are 15 collectibles here.
  3. Assembly Staging - There are 11 collectibles in this region.
  4. Superstructure Fabricators - There are only 2 collectibles here.
  5. Array Channel - This location has 8 secrets.
  6. Republic Research Laboratory - The final location of Shattered Moon has 10 collectibles.

Nova Garron

  1. Hangar Bay Exterior - The first location you'll visit on Nova Garron has 3 collectibles.
  2. Hangar Bay - There are 6 collectibles in the hangar bay.
  3. Central Command - There are 6 collectibles in this location.
  4. Officer's Quarters - The last location has 3 collectibles.


  1. All regions of Tanalorr - There are 7 collectibles to find throughout Tanalorr.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Bosses

Bosses encountered during quests

  1. K-405 - An elite droid that you'll face during the first hour of the campaign on Coruscant.
  2. The Ninth Sister - The first challenging opponent that uses Force and wields a lightsaber. She is also encountered on Coruscant.
  3. Zeik - A boss that you'll face in front of the cantina in Rambler's Reach Outpost on Koboh.
  4. Dagan Gera - A Jedi possessed by the Dark Side encountered in Rehabilitation Wing on Koboh.
  5. Skriton - A huge scorpion-like monster hiding in the sand. Encountered during the exploration of Jedha.
  6. AT-ST - You fight the walking machine during the sandstorm on Jedha.
  7. Korej Lim - The first bounty hunter which you'll face during your second visit to Koboh.
  8. Tague Louesh - This is an opponent using the Force and a lightsaber who will stand in Cal's way when he returns to Koboh.
  9. Magnaguard - An elite droid that you have to face during the exploration of the Shattered Moon.
  10. Drya Thornne - This opponent uses a two-handed lightsaber who you will confront him after finding the device on the Shattered Moon.
  11. Dagan Gera (second fight) - The second confrontation with the dark Jedi takes place in the Forward Control Tower location on the planet Koboh.
  12. Rayvis - This is a challenging opponent with whom you will fight a three-part battle in the Republic Research Laboratory on the Shattered Moon.
  13. Dagan Gera (third fight) - The final third duel with Dagan allows you to use Bode's help, and it takes place in the Observatory on Koboh.
  14. Darth Vader - You must face this iconic antagonist in the main storyline as part of a three-part battle in the base on Jedha.
  15. Final boss - The fight against the last opponent has more than one phase. Here you will find tips on how to win it.

Optional bosses and bounty hunters

  1. Rancor - A very strong opponent, encountered in Sodden Grotto location on Koboh. We will help you with fighting him, especially his red attacks.
  2. All Bounty Hunters - On this page, you will learn where to find and how to defeat all bounty hunters.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Puzzle solutions

  1. Puzzles in Forest Array - This is one of the more complicated locations from Koboh - on the page, we show e.g. how to operate Orb Amplifiers.
  2. Climbing Ruins Landing Site - This is the first location from Jedha, and getting to the top of the hill may cause some problems.
  3. Reaching Cere in Veiled Hangar - This section may prove to be difficult and in our guide, we show how to open the door to the Archive.
  4. Orbs puzzle in Devastated Settlement - This section appears during the second visit to Koboh and here we explain how to use the Koboh Grinder and deliver Orbs to all devices.
  5. Puzzle of opening the Crypt of Uhrma on Jedha - The crypt is an optional location with a hidden Stim Canister and we explain how to figure out the combination to open it.
  6. Puzzle of opening the gate in the Buried Refuge - The locked gate is on Jedha and requires using the Force to move stone blocks.
  7. Puzzle with Orb Amplifier in the  Republic Research Laboratory - Solving this will allow you to reach Rayvis. You will learn how to move the ball to the amplifier.
  8. Reaching the Phon'Qui cave - Solving this puzzle will allow you to enter the caves where you can get useful items.
  9. Path of Resistance puzzle - By solving the puzzles with orbs, you will be able to get to the Wayfinder's Tomb.
  10. Path of Restoration puzzle - Another series of puzzles with orbs on the planet Jedha. Solving them is one of the steps toward opening the Wayfinder's Tomb.
  11. Path of Conviction - Solving the orb puzzle is one of the required steps to open the Wayfinder's Tomb.
  12. Wayfinder's Tomb puzzle - Here you will learn how to find and loot a locked location on the planet Jedha.
  13. Chamber of Duality - One of the chambers you will visit during the storyline. On this page you will learn how to solve the puzzles.
  14. Chamber of Reason - One of the optional chambers that has useful things.
  15. Chamber of Fortitude - Another optional chamber. On this page you will learn how to find it and solve all of its puzzles.
  16. Chamber in the Devastated Settlement - This chamber works slightly different from the others. This page contains all the most important information.
  17. Chamber of Detachment - Solving all the puzzles in this chamber will give you access to an additional perk.
  18. Chamber of Connection - Another chamber with puzzles. Solve them to get a perk.
  19. Chamber of Clarity - The last of the chambers in the game. Like the others, it also has a unique perk.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: PC system requirements

Thanks to the system requirements listed here, you will check whether your PC will be able to run Jedi Survivor on the lowest settings.

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
  2. Processor: Intel Core i7-7700 or Ryzen 5 1400
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: GTX 1070 or Radeon RX 580 (8GB VRAM)
  5. DirectX: Version 12
  6. Disk space: 155 GB

For more information on minimum and recommended system requirements, the availability on other platforms, and Steam Deck compatibility, visit: PC system requirements.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Language versions

The Language versions page lists all available languages in Jedi Survivor. You will learn how to change the language on each platform and what languages support subtitles, interface text and dubbing.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Controls

Jedi Survivor is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5. On the Keybinds page, we have posted a list of the controls for all platforms.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Game length

It should take you about 20-30 hours on average to finish Jedi Survivor. The play time can be significantly increased if you decide to do full map exploration, get 100% of the secrets, complete all side missions and fights with optional bosses. More information can be found on the Game length page.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Trophies/Achievements

Jedi Survivor has 54 trophies, including the platinum trophy available to PS5. You get achievements by, e.g. making progress in the story, finding secrets or completing optional activities. We described all available achievements in more detail in the trophy guide.

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