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Batman: Arkham Knight Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Batman: Arkham Knight Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Beginner hints | Controls | Batman Arkham Knight Batman: AK Guide

Last update: 28 October 2019

On this page of our guide we have prepared a set of starting tips. Below there is a set of hints that you may want to read before starting the adventure in Batman: Arkham Knight. They were prepared for both those who just begin their experience with the series, as well as the veterans.

  • From the very start Batman has an impressive set of skills and gadgets known from the previous parts of the series. You can e.g. use such abilities as the Beatdown or gadgets as the Explosive Gel and the Grappling Hook. It is a good idea to open the skills menu to view button combinations needed to use the abilities, because in-game tutorials focus mainly on brand new elements, without going into too much details on how do old mechanisms work.
  • The key skills and gadgets are automatically unlocked throughout the main story missions. This does not mean that you do not have any say in Batman's progression, as he gets skill points along with new experience levels. Initially, these points should be spent on the armor of both the Batmobile and Batman himself (increased resistance in melee combat as well as protection from fire arms). Next, you should buy new functions to the gadgets you tend to use the most often (e.g. remote detonation of Explosive Gel).
  • Particular skills require different numbers of points, the best of which require even 7-8 points. Do not try to buy all of the cheapest skills for 1-2 points, but sooner or later start setting aside points for the best unlockables.
  • It is good to use the Batmobile equally often as gliding. This is especially recommended when you travel across districts occupied by enemy tanks. In such circumstances a moment of distraction may cost Batman his life, as he is practically defenseless against enemy tanks.
  • The game strongly encourages engaging in side missions. Some of them are tailored into the main story and thus cannot be missed (e.g. Riddler's puzzles), others are usually introduced by Alfred. It is a good idea to take care of the available missions as they appear, because they let you earn lots of experience and other valuable rewards.
  • Apart from side missions you should also give attention to collectibles (they are connected to Riddler) and Augmented Reality Trainings. The latter are unlocked gradually and come in several different categories (e.g. melee combat or the Batmobile's Battle Mode), so if you do not feel like doing one type of training, you may take up another one.
  • In direct confrontations with opponents focus on fluently stacking up the multiplier. This is done by striking opponents without interruptions or getting hit (use counters, dodges, etc.). This way you will be able to stack up the multiplier to x30 and more quite often. Besides, you should also take care about variety in combat, trying different strikes, using Team Attacks (possible when you are aided by an ally, e.g. Nightwing), using environmental objects or gadgets. After each fight the game shows a summary, where you can see what exactly did you get experience points for.
  • Sneak whenever possible, because Batman getting detected is rarely a good news. Remember to always be well-aware of your environment and potential dangers (positions and types of opponents, defense turrets, etc.). As the story unfolds, sneaking gets harder and harder. For example, opponents may start using Detective Mode detectors, mines that stick to ledges or thermobaric grenades that they throw into vent shafts. Always take enemy equipment under consideration when sneaking, so not to the get spotted or even harmed too soon.
  • If Batman's life is seriously endangered (very low health bar) quickly retreat to an area free of enemies or (if possible) summon the Batmobile for help. As for sneaking sequences, if you get spotted, it is good to use a smoke grenade to cover your retreat.
  • Entering some rooms or even entire locations is possible only upon unlocking new/upgraded gadgets or during certain side missions. It is good to memorize such places and the way they are secured (e.g. with a hackable control panel) and return there as soon as it becomes possible for you to get through. Note - new secrets can be marked on the map when you spot them from afar.
  • After finishing main story missions you can restart the game in New Game Plus mode. Here, the story starts from the beginning, but all previously unlocked skills are retained. It is IMPORTANT that all progress in Riddler's puzzles are transferred too (there are 243 of them in total), so you do not have to start looking for them from scratch.
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