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Counter Strike 2 Guide

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Counter Strike 2: What are the changes? Counter Strike 2 guide, tips

On this page of the guide, we provide a summary of the changes that have been introduced in the CS2 beta.

Last update: 28 March 2023

Here, we list changes that were introduced in the Counter Strike 2 beta relative to CS GO.

Although there's still some time left until the release of CS2, selected players can already participate in the Counter Strike 2 beta. The list of changes is not impressive at first glance, but some of them will have a significant impact on gameplay.

CS2 - list of changes

  1. Graphics: the new engine brings improved graphics, colors and lighting. The maps are brighter and clearer.
  2. Tick rate no longer matters: the servers know exactly when each action such as firing, moving, jumping, or picking is performed. With this change, it will be possible to fire more accurate shots and get even better frag rates.
  3. Smoke grenades: the smoke grenades have been completely revamped in CS GO 2. The smoke animation is different and, importantly, the shape of the smoke adapts to the environment. Most importantly, by throwing a frag grenade near a smoke one, you can nullify the effect of smoke, and shooting through the smoke allows you to see through it for a brief period of time.
  4. Frag grenade and Molotov: their visual effects have also changed.
  5. Practicing grenades: after triggering the command prompt allowing to practice grenades, a preview of where exactly the grenade will land appears on the screen in the lower-left corner. The preview camera will also follow the grenade.
  6. Main menu: stylistic changes.
  7. Graphics settings: a preview of the game on the left, a list of available changes on the right. Changing parameters affects the preview in real time.
  8. Inventory tab and item preview: these elements look slightly different, skins look much better.
  9. Sound: it's more precise, balanced and spatial, you can even hear echoes in some places, like at the CT spawn on Dust 2.
  10. Radar: shows the area in which your character can be heard.
  11. Weapon sounds: the sounds of some weapons like AK47 and Glock have changed.
  12. Console: command suggestions and autocomplete commands work much better.
  13. Skins: all skins earned in CS GO will transfer to Counter Strike 2.
  14. You can see the character's legs, but you can't shoot them.
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