Gaming NewsJan 11, 2017 at 4:42a PSTby luckie

Silent Hill-esque horror game Husk to launch on February 3; watch new trailer

If you are a fan of horror stories in the vein of Silent Hill, Alan Wake, or Twin Peaks, you might be interested in Husk, a game co-developed by Kholat creators. The title is coming out early next month.

IMGN.PRO, creators of Kholat, announced that their next horror game, named Husk, is coming out on PC (Steam) on February 3, 2017. Co-developed with Polish indie studio UndeadScout, Husk is a purebred FPP horror inspired by classic thrillers like Silent Hill, Alan Wake and Twin Peaks. Instead of shooting hordes of zombies, the hero will explore a double-natured small American town, called Shivercliff, looking for his missing wife and daughter – however, there will be some combat, and boss fights too, throughout the 4–5 hours of gameplay. This is what £ukasz Noculak from UdeadScout said about the story:

We are extremely excited that in less than a month players all over the world will be able to experience our debut game – the result of our cooperation with IMGN.PRO. In our newest trailer, we unveil some secrets about the main plot. Drawing on the elements of oneiric horror, in Husk we strive to touch upon real and often very painful problems. I’d rather not reveal any more details right now – you’ll soon be able to discover them on your own!

The new trailer, which also shows off some bits of gameplay footage, reveals that Husk will touch upon the theme of domestic violence. Apparently, the protagonist’s father was the kind of man who didn’t spare the rod nor did he say no to alcohol. How did difficult childhood impact Matthew Palmer’s adult life? This is probably something that we are going to find out playing Husk.