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Essays 31 October 2023, 08:43

author: Darius Matusiak

Heroes 3 and Online Frags - 10 Best Games of 1999

There may have been fewer games in 1999 starting cult series popular for decades to come, but there was certainly no shortage of timeless hits. Here's our subjective retro list of the top 10 games of 1999.

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Quake 3 Arena

  1. Release date: December 2
  2. Developer: id Software
  3. Genre: online shooter
  4. Platforms: PC Windows, Linux

Quake III Arena can be described in a few simple phrases: that the graphics are good, the sound is good, the music is good too, and well, the bots are good. And all this makes up the third installment of Quake, a paradise for fans of online matches and a disappointment for those who were waiting for the next single-story campaign. The arena for single-player mode only offered the above-mentioned bots, and the main content consisted only of battles with other players - something that in the two previous installments was only an addition.

But apparently this is exactly what many people wanted, because Quake 3 was very warmly received. It was described as "the purest deathmatch experience." The dynamic gameplay, in which you often quickly died and killed others, was intoxicating and addictive. Everything was seasoned with great maps, good textures, satisfying weaponry, well-chosen sound effects, and music from the Sonic Mayhem band. However, the performance on weaker computers was criticized. The game was a prime example of network deathmatch, but.... didn't find itself in this field alone, because almost simultaneously on the market was released.... Unreal Tournament.

  1. Quake III Arena in our encyclopedia

Darius Matusiak

Darius Matusiak

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