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News hardware & software 15 January 2019, 13:13

author: ElMundo

AMD to produce only 5000 Radeons 7?

Very interesting, albeit unofficial information comes to us from the AMD headquarters – a lot indicates that the GPUs presented a few days ago will reach the market in a very limited quantity.

Radeon VII's presentation at CES 2019 was by far the most important event of the AMD conference - the chip to compete with GeForce RTX 2080 should be available in retail next month, but unofficial information says that buying it can be quite a hassle.

Sources close to the factories cooperating with the "red" camp say that the company will release its latest system in a very limited quantity of just 5000 units. This is due to the fact that the company is supposed to lose money on every GPU sold – for this reason Radeon VII is based on the Radeon Instinct MI50 model, which is dedicated to workstations in order to minimize production costs.

This may also mean that it is unlikely that there will be versions of this system created by external partners, i.e. the so called AIB suppliers. Admittedly, this is quite surprising information, because Radeon VII was announced at the exhibition with lots of hype and it seemed that it would be the driving force behind the GPU range offered by the company. The situation may look a bit different in reality, which probably means that the company wants to hit the market more strongly with the release of AMD Navi chipsets, which could appear in the middle of this year.

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