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News video games 27 January 2019, 22:47

author: Adrian Werner

Anthem: performance benchmark and planned improvements

BioWare has revealed what changes are planned for the PC version of Anthem when compared with the demo version. TechPowerUp has provided a benchmark of the game.

Anthem: performance benchmark and planned improvements - picture #1
The game will launch next month.


  1. Developer: BioWare
  2. Publisher: Electronic Arts
  3. Genre: action game
  4. Platforms: PS4, PC, XONE
  5. Release date: February 22, 2019.

On Friday, the so-called Anthem VIP demo game was launched, available only to EA Access or Origin Access subscribers and pre-orders. Its release is certainly not among the successful ones, but after several hours the developers managed to overcome the most serious technical problems. Nevertheless, the demo version still leaves a lot to be desired, especially on the PC. The developers decided to reassure fans, informing them of the changes that can be expected in the full PC edition.

First of all, controls will be improved. You will be able to disable mouse acceleration. The slight delay in command recognition will also be removed, and armor control during flight will be more precise. Moreover, the authors admit that swimming leaves a lot to be desired and are currently working on improving this element of the game.

When asked about the possibility of configuring the field of view/FOV, one of the developers replied that he did not know why the option is not available, and he had to check it. However, we can count on interface corrections and better optimization.

It is worth mentioning the performance tests conducted by TechPowerUp. Their results are of great interest for all those who are considering buying the game.

Anthem: performance benchmark and planned improvements - picture #2
Source: TechPowerUp.

Let's just remind that Anthem is developed for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will be released on February 22. A demo version for available for all interested parties will be launched on February 1-3.

  1. Anthem official website


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