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News video games 12 October 2021, 17:57

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Battlefield 2042 Beta Not That Old? Bad Atmosphere Said to Engulf DICE

It turns out that the Battlefield 2042 beta is not necessarily based on a build from months ago. In addition, management issues are reportedly piling up inside DICE.

  • Tom Henderson has revealed that the beta of Battlefield 2042 didn't have to be based on a build from a few months ago at all;
  • According to the informant, the version of the game made available to fans is from September;
  • Henderson also revealed that the atmosphere at DICE is said to be really bad.

The beta tests of the upcoming Battlefield 2042 took place last week, and unfortunately it met with a mixed reception from the gamers. Many people complained about bugs, poor gameplay solutions and incomprehensible creative decisions. However, DICE could blame at least some of these problems on the age of the build that was made available to players.

The published build was to be a testimony of how the game looked a good few months ago. Therefore, it abounded in numerous problems, which we were not to experience at the time of official release. But is it really so? Information found by the well-known insider Tom Henderson, revealsthat DICE may have embellished the issue of the beta's age a bit.

Digging into the settings files in Battlefield 2042 Henderson discovered that the released version of the game was dated September 20, 2021. This is only one day day ahead of the original open beta test date. This could mean several things. Firstly, the test release is most likely not as aged as DICE claims. Secondly, it's possible that the build in question hasn't received any patches since September 20.

However, the information found in the files is not the only confirmation of the theory that the beta is not a version of the game from a few months ago. That's also the position of Henderson's informant, who has long been his source for all his reports on Battlefield.

That's not the only disturbing news Tom Henderson has provided, either. He also revealed that according to his source, the atmosphere at the studio is really bad right now. It is largely the fault of the management, which does not fulfill its responsibilities.

Those responsible for managing the project were not sufficiently involved in the work. In addition, instead of creating a unique identity for the new Battlefield, they took inspiration from the competition. The development of each element of the game was supposed to be dictated by the desire to create a title drawing on the latest CoD: Modern Warfare. One of the effects of this approach is the replacement of the classic soldier classes with operators.

The fact that the creators were more interested in pleasing Call of Duty fans is also evidenced by the fact that it was the content creators related that particular game who were invited to the closed beta test. Among them there were many people who so far had not created anything related to the Battlefield series. In turn, many of the creators associated with DICE's series for years were completely ignored.

Presented information may worry fans waiting for the release of the new installment of the popular series. It should be remembered, however, that however credible Tom Henderson may be, his revelations do not have to be entirely truthful. Players who wish Battlefield 2042 all the best can hold on to this thought.

Whether the studio will be able to deal with the problems, we'll find out in a little over a month. The game's release is scheduled for November 19, this year. The production will debut on PC, PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox One and Series S/X.

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