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News video games 23 July 2021, 16:03

author: Qskan

Best Cars in GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners as Seen by Players

A subreddit dedicated to GTA Online has created a tier-list of cars coming to the game in the Los Santos Tuners expansion.

The recently released GTA Online expansion, titled Los Santos Tuners, gave the players a lot of wiggle space for developing their automotive passions inside the game. Among the attractions we can find a car club where we can test the capabilities of new vehicles or special challenges to complete, scattered around the map.

One of the significant components of Los Santos Tuners is a set of 10 new sports cars that every car enthusiast should keep an eye on. On GTA Online's subreddit a special list has been created which ranks the new vehicles from the best to the worst, giving grades from A (highest) to D (lowest).

Best Cars in GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners as Seen by Players - picture #1
Source: Reddit

Below is a list of cars and their prices:

  1. Karin Calico GTF - $1,995,000
  2. Dinka Jester RR - $1,990,000
  3. Obey Tailgater S - $1,495,000.
  4. Annis Euros - $1,800,000
  5. Annis ZR350 - USD 1,615,000.
  6. Dinka RT3000 - USD 1,715,000
  7. Annis Remus - $1,370,000
  8. Karin Futo GTX - $1,590,000.
  9. Vapid Dominator GTT - $1,220,000.

(the value of the cars may change after unlocking the market price)

The top rated cars on the list are the Karin Calico GTF and the Dinka Jester RR, which are the two most expensive vehicles listed. Both vehicles received high marks for their performance and speed, with the Calico being more suited to routes with long straights and wide corners and Jester RR to tracks with narrower corners. Rounding out the pack are the Futo GTX and Dominator GTT with the worst marks (although the Dominator definitely makes up for it in looks).

If you've had a chance to try all of these vehicles, let us know if you agree with the Reddit community's list.

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