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News video games 23 October 2019, 22:01

author: Michael Kulakowski

Bethesda Announces Paid Subscription to Fallout 76

Bethesda surprises with the announcement of an additional subscription service for Fallout 76 owners, called Fallout 1st. Upon payment of a monthly fee, the players will have access to several long-awaited features such as private worlds and unlimited space for crafting components.

Bethesda has clearly learned nothing after more than a year of controversy over Fallout 76. Today, very proud of themselves, the developers have announced another list of innovations they intend to introduce to the title. Unlike many previous updates, most of them provide answer to suggestions and propositions from the biggest and most faithful fans of the game. The problem is that these long-awaited attractions will only be available for a fee. However, they will not be offered in a new expansion or several DLCs, but have been linked... with a monthly subscription. Bethesda clearly wants to make up for the losses and get even more money out of whatever small community still gathers around Fallout 76 and which still believes in the developers' promises made before the game's release, as well as the plans for its development presented in the middle of the year. So far, the said plans were surrounded by silence.

  1. Fallout 1st - official website

Fallout 76 subscription is called Fallout 1st. The monthly fee for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC is as high as $12.99. There is also a 12-month option available at a cost of $99.99 (!), which, according to Bethesda, is a very attractive proposition due to a 36 percent discount.

What is included in Fallout 1st subscription?

  1. Private Worlds - the biggest attraction for subscribers is the option to open private worlds for up to eight players with previously created characters. In this case, Fallout 1st subscriber must be only the game's host. Unfortunately, the devs do not provide here the possibility to modify the rules of the game, implement mods or change the difficulty. Apart from the fact that we are accompanied only by invited friends, the course of the game looks the same as in a normal online mode.
  2. 1650 Atoms per month and sales in the Atomic Store - every month subscribers will receive 1650 Atoms (virtual currency in the Fallout 76 shop), which they will be able to spend on in-game items. Additionally, the devs promise special promotions and discounts, available only for Fallout 1st subscribers.
  3. Scrapbox - extremely long-awaited by the player, it's a box with unlimited space for storing crafting components.
  4. Survival Tent - a tent that we will set up in practically any place. Not only does it contain a sleeping area, an item box, and a cooking area, but it is also an extra point for quick travel.
  5. Ranger Armor Outfit - special character outfit available only for subscribers.
  6. Icons & Emote Pack.

Bethesda has decided to restrict access to the long-awaited features by making them cost extra money.

It's hard to expect Fallout 1st to be a huge hit, but surely the most committed fans will decide to buy it, if only for the junk bos they've been asking for since the game's launch. Bethesda is clearly counting on such a turn of events, all the more so because the company laughs at competition either way. Fallout 1st is, for example, about a dozen percent more expensive than the monthly subscription in Final Fantasy XIV. Although the game belongs to a slightly different genre, it offers regular and extensive updates, a story campaign lasting hundreds of hours and dozens of ways to spend time.

  1. Fallout 76 - official website
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