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News video games 01 November 2019, 19:32

author: Konrad Serafinski

Blizzard Apologizes for its Actions in the Hong Kong Affair

The opening ceremony of BlizzCon began in an unusual way. J. Allen Brack appeared on the stage and apologized to all fans for the company's misguided actions in the recent case of a player calling for the liberation of Hong Kong after winning the tournament in Hearthstone.

Blizzard begins BlizzCon with class.

BlizzCon has just begun. The opening ceremony started with an unexpected event. J. Allen Brack appeared on stage and apologized for the last actions of the company. It was, of course, about the commotion related to the player who, after winning the Hearthstone Grandmasters tournament, called for the liberation of Hong Kong. Ultimately, the case was resolved amicably and both the company and the player published official announcements. All the more reason to be glad that the CEO of Blizzard has spoken these very important words.

  1. Allen Brack also admitted that the company still shares the same vision and believes that BlizzCon is the ideal place to prove it.

The words of Allen Bratsk aroused cries of joy and applause in the audience. No one should be surprised. Let us hope that Blizzard really does keep its word, and that situations similar to those of a month ago will not happen again.

  1. Blizzard Enterteinment - official website
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