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News video games 28 September 2016, 14:38

author: luckie

Bored of surival games? Check out Osiris: New Dawn

Do you feel like playing a survival game, but get discouraged by tedious mechanics that boil down to eating and gathering resources? Osiris: New Dawn may be something just for you. While a survival at its core, its main focus is on combat and exploration.

Just several hours have left until the Steam Early Access release of Osiris: New Dawn, a sci-fi survival game for those bored of classic survivals – or at least that’s what the developers at Fenix Fire Entertainment claim. The overall premise seems pretty standard, though: after crash-landing on an alien planet, you get to build a colony together with friends, fight off local fauna at day and survive attacks of aggressive monsters at night. On the other hand, your typical survival mechanics – like eating and drinking – will be limited to venturing far off your base. Besides, you will be able to task droids with tedious work, such as gathering resources, thus letting you focus on what’s real fun: combat and exploration.

At its current state Osiris: New Dawn includes working, crafting and survival mechanics, ranged and melee weapons, alien AI, several drivable vehicles, a vast planet to explore, and multiplayer – all this is said to provide at least 40 hours of gameplay. The 1.0 version is to offer fully explorable solar system as well as lots of new content and features. Osiris: New Dawn is going live on Steam Early Access later today, where it’s expected to stay for about a year. Some time in the future the game is also planned to hit the consoles.

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Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn

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