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News video games 16 December 2022, 13:42

author: Adam Adamczyk

Captain Clayborne in PoE Explained

Captain Clayborne is one of the bosses in Path of Exile. In this guide you will learn where he is located and how to get his soul.

Path of Exile invariably enjoys great popularity, and no wonder, as the developers continue to expand this free game. During the gameplay we will encounter not only hordes of standard opponents, but also bosses. In this guide you will learn who Captain Clayborne is, where to find him and how to get his soul.

PoE - Captain Clayborne

Captain Clayborne is a boss that can be found in Frozen Cabins.. He surrounds himself with many opponents who make it difficult to fight him, so if you have trouble winning the battle, try to get rid of the creatures near him first. Clayborne is a challenging opponent and it is worth facing him if you have a high-level character.

The soul of this boss is needed to upgrade Pantheon, and to get it, you will need an item called Divine Vessel, which can be obtained by defeating enemies. In order to obtain the soul of the boss the Divine Vessel must be placed in the Map Device along with the map where the opponent is located. This causes the enemy to become stronger, but after defeating it, its soul will be obtained. Then pull the Divine Vessel out of the Map Device and go to the NPC known as Sin, in order to unlock the pantheon bonus.

Divine Vessel does not catch a soul

Captain Clayborne in PoE Explained - picture #1
Stream of Consciousness should be inactive

Sometimes you may find that you have done everything according to the instructions, but after defeating the boss you failed to obtain the soul. In this case, enter Atlas and make sure you have the unchecked Stream of Consciousness.

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