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News video games 08 June 2017, 11:57

author: luckie

Creative Assembly is working on three Total War historical projects, including two full games

The team at Creative Assembly is busy as a bee these days. They are not only working on Total War: Warhammer II and extra content for the first game, but also preparing three new historical projects.

Creative Assembly has 3 new historical projects in full production, the studio has revealed on its official blog. One of them is revealed to be a large Campaign Pack DLC for one the recent historical releases, which means either Attila or Rome II. The expansion is scheduled to come out later this year. Below, there is a concept art from the said Campaign Pack. Besides, the studio is working on a brand new historical installment in the grand strategy series, which is going to be set in a setting so far unexplored by any of Creative Assembly’s previous games.

Creative Assembly is working on three Total War historical projects, including two full games - picture #1
One of the most recent historical Total War games is going to get a Campaign Pack this year.

Prior to that one, another team is going to deliever yet another stand-alone game, which is set in an era that the developers at Creative Assembly have already visited, but “will cover a particular period [they] are very fond of and haven’t done enough justice to yet”. This will focus on a short but momentous time of history, similarly to what Fall of the Samurai did regarding the Boshin War.

As for Total War: Warhammer, the next piece of content, called Old Friend, will be tied to an event later this summer. This will be a small addition, not a Lord Pack, more like the Blood Knight Free-LC. Before Total War: Warhammer II is released, the first game will also receive another Race Pack this year. What race, Creative Assembly wouldn’t say – but it is definitely not Kislev. We are going to see more of the upcoming sequel at this year’s E3.

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