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News video games 20 April 2021, 19:23

author: Milosz Piotrowski

Gamers Install Cyberpunk 2077 1.0 on PS4 to Get a Bugged Trophy

The PlayStation version of Cyberpunk 2077 met with a very critical reception. The problems associated with it could be listed for hours. The latest patch 1.2 and hotfix 1.21 fixed many of them, but not all. It turned out that in order to unlock one of the trophies players have to go back to version 1.0.

The problem concerns the Frequent Flyer trophy. In order to unlock it, the player must find all the fast travel points. There are 150 such places in total, but after the latest update players complain that one of them is impossible to discover. The point in question is Metro: Memorial Park.

"I checked back every travel dataterm, I have 149/150. The only one I am missing is "Metro: Memorial Park". This one will not show up, even if i stand right in front of it. Anyways, the trophy should normally pop with far less than all 150 terminals," one player wrote.

Trophy hunters quickly identified the source of the problem and found a solution. It turned out that getting the Frequent Flyer achievement requires going back to version 1.0 of the game, which is obviously not a pleasant experience. Moreover, to be able to get the trophy, we need to reach Act 2. Players who decided on taking this step, soon afterwards began to share videos on the forums with the funniest bugs from the original game build.

To return to version 1.0, we need to uninstall the game and then install it with the Internet turned off, so that the console does not download the latest update. Patch 1.2 debuted at the end of March, the list of fixes it contained was very long, but the game still has a lot of shortcomings. A significant improvement can be seen only on PlayStation 4 Pro. In the case of other consoles, the situation still leaves much to be desired.

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