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News video games 07 July 2019, 00:29

author: Konrad Serafinski

Cyberpunk 2077 With Skyrim-like Character Development

CD Projekt RED has revealed further details about Cyberpunk 2077. The title will receive character development elements similar to those from The Elder Scrolls series. The more often we use a weapon, the better we will be at using it.

A day without new info on Cyberpunk is no day at all.

Extremely interesting news appeared on Twitter about Cyberpunk 2077. The devs reveal through this medium lots of facts about the upcoming production. This time, however, they shared a truly tasty morsle (or even a more-sle even). In a short video, Miles Tost, a level designer who also worked on The Witcher 3, talked about player character development. It turns out that the protagonist will develop their shooting skills along with how often they will shoot. That is, if you want to play "John Rambo as Himself" and shoot at anything that moves, your skill with a particular firearm will go through the roof.

Doesn't that remind you of anything? Tamriel lovers are already rubbing their hands in anticipation. Exactly, an almost identical system is used in The Elder Scrolls franchise, Oblivion and Skyrim in particular. In Bethesda's games, we have sometimes seen absurdities when players eager to increase their level in a given activity were doing things that had nothing to do with immersive experience. Fortunately, in the production of CD Projekt RED, the "learning by doing" system will probably only apply to weapons.

But that's not all. As you increase your proficiency with a particular gun (e.g. faster reloading, increased accuracy, etc.), our hero will receive new animations. Depending on our protagonists knowledge of a weapon, the look of reloading, pulling out or carrying it will differ. It's a bit like in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, where at the beginning of the game Henry (the main character) couldn't even hold the bow properly. It was only after many hours of practice that we could feel and see that our character became a real archer.

An interesting fact for fans is a short statement by Kasia Redesiuk, who told about the ads that attacked the player at every step of the way in Night City. On the material we can see the favourite poster of the studio employee, which is a woman with three mouths (and only one desire). The character is inspired by the scene from Total Recall. Bold posters and promotional materials should not surprise anyone. Cyberpunk 2077 is a production addressed to mature audiences and not afraid to discuss political issues.

Cyberpunk 2077 will go on sale on April 16, 2020. The title will be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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