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News video games 30 December 2020, 12:32

author: Bart Swiatek

Darkening of Tristram Returns to Diablo 3 in January

Blizzard Entertainment announced that in early January 2021, Diablo 3 will see the next edition of Darkening of Tristram.


  1. On January 3, Darkening of Tristram will return to Diablo 3;
  2. Players will once again visit the Cathedral of Tristram and its undergrounds and get the chance to win a variety of prizes - such as portraits, achievements, pets and transmogrification effects;
  3. The event will last until the end of January.

The popular hack'n'slash Diablo III will soon see the start of the next edition of the Darkening of Tristram event , where we will return to the locations known from the first installment - the cathedral in the title town and dungeons full of demons and cultists located underneath it. Below is an excerpt from a note published by Blizzard Entertainment.

"Your journey begins on the trail of a group of mysterious cultists causing trouble in Sanctuary. As you hunt them down in Adventure Mode, you’ll uncover clues leading to a portal into Tristram’s past, and the terrifying darkness that took hold of the town so many years ago. . . ."

As part of the event, we will be able to face well-known enemies and win various awards - achievements, portraits, pets and transmogrification effects. It is worth noting that some of the prizes are to be hidden; finding them will require careful sweeping of the maps and unlocking all available achievements.

The new edition of Darkening of Tristram will begin on January 3, 4 PM PT although the cultists who caused all the commotion will appear in Diablo 3 the day before. It should be noted that the event will be timed - it will only last until the end of the month, so if you are interested in visiting the Cathedral of Tristram again, don't wait too long.

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