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News video games 18 March 2022, 09:28

author: Hubert Sledziewski

DCS: AH-64D Trailer Looks Insane

Eagle Dynamics released an extensive free patch for DCS: World. Its main attraction is the release of a paid module that enables us to sit behind the controls of the iconic AH-64D Apache helicopter. The trailer presenting the machine will sweep you off your feet.

Waiting for the release of DCS: AH-64D and the new patch has been somewhat prolonged - it was originally scheduled for late last year - but both the free update and another paid module for the simulation platform Digital Combat Simulator World are finally available in Early Access on Steam. The latter enables virtual pilots to sit at the controls of the legendary attack helicopter AH-64D Apache. The cost of this attraction is not small - even discounted it's almost standard full price - but fans of the skies should not think twice before reaching for their wallets. The longbow looks simply insane. See for yourself.

Both the patch and the AH-64D are now available. "Weight" of data to download depends on the content and can be up to several tens of GB.

AH-64D Apache is not only the "hero" of several armed conflicts - including the Panama operation Just Cause or the Gulf War of 1991 - but also several iconic video games from the past, such as Gunship 2000 and EA's Jane's (Longbow). The experience offered by DCS: World, however, can hardly be placed next to a classic - it is currently the most advanced AH-64D Apache simulator available on the commercial market. This is not surprising, since it was created in cooperation with experts: former and current pilots of these helicopters, who - being gamers themselves - did their best to create something they would like to spend time with themselves.

Fans of DCS: World are full of praise. The above trailer enable us to see such details as the dangling hook in the cockpit and the M4 rifle, which has been masterfully recreated. For the purposes of this module, the devs have also improved infrared vision rendering system in entire DCS: World just for this module. In addition, the update adds a lot of fresh content, including new locations on the map of Syria, new features for the F-16C Viper, and many other improvements. More information can be found here.

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