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News video games 14 September 2021, 12:21

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Deathloop PC Taking Flak From Players: „Optimization is a Nightmare”

It looks like PC owners should seriously consider buying Deathloop. The PC release Arkane's game is plagued by numerous problems.

  • PC version of Deathloop met with much criticism from players;
  • The production is said to suffer from poor optimization;
  • This affects user reviews on Steam, of which only 62% are positive.

Deathloop is another great success for Arkane Studios. The game collects rave reviews from the critics, with the PS5 release averaging an impressive 88/100. Unfortunately, the French developers seem to be sticking to their tradition of a much lower standard for the PC edition. Just as in the case of Prey and Dishonored 2, the PC version is plagued by numerous problems.

Especially many voices of disappointed players can be found on Steam. Currently Deathloop receives mixed reviews on Valve's platform (62% positive user reviews). Among the comments there are many complaints about the game's technical condition. Some believe that as it is now, Arkane's game is unplayable.

"Runs like ass and now after playing it for 2 hours I get a crash message every time I try to load in and I can't even play it. Get your ¦¦¦¦ together Arkane. I love your games but this one should have spend more time in the oven. Time to get a refund and wait till it's on sale now, " writes Guncaliber

"Like others have been saying: this game struggles with frequent microstutters even with above recommended specs. When these stutters do happen, they can derail your shooting accuracy in a hurry. Consequentially, I would avoid purchasing the PC port of Deathloop until it is patched," suggests Muddrox

"Game's great just optimized like ....REALLY BAD. Stuttered like crazy on my RTX 3070ti at 1080p even with the latest drivers + RTX off. Seems like an engine problem. Will refund for now and consider it down the line," reports Rox

"I can't even get into the game. I can get past all the options and screen slider but once I get past that it minimizes and it's telling me there's not enough room to save. I have 300 gb of free space on my hard drive so no idea but can only conclude it's a mess at launch and to steer clear from this game until it gets fixed," writes Ace Wolfgang

It seems that currently PC owners should think before buying Deathloop as it may be associated with many problems. PS5 owners are in a better situation. The console version of the game does not suffer from the aforementioned errors. We can only hope that, as in the case of studio's previous games, their latest production will also receive a quick update that will improve the situation.



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