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News special offers 24 January 2019, 23:36

author: Konrad Serafinski

Deponia: The Complete Journey available for free

Do you like classic point-and-click adventures? If so, you've had to hear about the Deponia series and you'll probably be happy to hear that Deponia: The Complete Journey is available for free. But you have to hurry up, the offer is limited in time.

Deponia: The Complete Journey available for free - picture #1
Deponia has a very unique graphics.

Looking for free games? Humble Bundle comes to the rescue as usual. This time, the service offers a Deponia: The Complete Journey, which is a package of three parts of the cult adventure game series, which includes: Deponia, Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye Deponia. The production can be downloaded here. To enjoy the title, just log in to the website and subscribe to the newsletter.

Please note that the special offer will last less than 48 hours, so hurry up. It is worth mentioning that the Deponia The Complete Journey package does not contain the fourth installment of the cycle, i.e. Deponia Doomsday. Fortunately - if you like the three parts available in the free set - in some shops you can buy it even for less than $10.

Deponia is a series of humorous adventures in the classic point-and-click style. The first installment hit the shelves at the beginning of 2012 and was acclaimed by fans of this type of fun. The action of all games from the series takes place on the title planet, which is a junkyard drifting over the huge city of Elysium. The series is characterized by humorous dialogues and numerous twists and turns of action. For adventure lovers it is a must-have position.

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