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News hardware & software 07 April 2021, 18:03

author: Eklerek

Drums Used as Gaming Controller in Forza Horizon 4

Racing games only with a steering wheel? Not necessarily. Thanks to Arduino Uno it was possible to turn drums into an unusual controller. Tests on Forza Horizon 4 look very promising.

Teenenggr in action again. On his YouTubechannel, the ingenious constructor presented an electronic drum kit, which thanks to an Arduino Uno (a board with an 8-bit microcontroller) was transformed into an unusual game controller. This seemingly crazy idea looks pretty good and could be an interesting diversification of local rivalry with friends. You can ride a car with those drums!

Acceleration and brakes are operated by foot, and electronic drum pads, which we hit with sticks, are responsible for turning right and left. Maybe we won't beat players using professional steering wheels, but it seems that with a bit of practice we can challenge those using keyboards.

Teenenggr presents various unusual designs with a twist. We've written about rumble taken to a new level thanks to a sizable motor, and on his channel we'll also find, among other things, a homemade typewriter. If there's any way to complicate your everyday activities, teenenggr certainly knows how to do it. Now we're waiting for guitar headshots in Counter-Strike.

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