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News video games 07 April 2021, 17:55

author: Qskan

Nvidia Reflex Will Help Rust and Ghostrunner Players

Nvidia's new technology called Reflex will appear in Rust and Ghostrunner. This system is supposed to help all owners of the company's GPU to reduce system lag and thus improve their response time.

  • Nvidia Reflex technology that reduces system lag in video games debuten on Overwatch servers;
  • The next titles with Reflex support will be Rust and Ghostrunner.

At the beginning of March, we reported about the support of Nvidia Reflex technology for Overwatch. The system has been tested on a test server so far. Now, Nvidia informs that it has already made its way to the official version of the game. According to the company, the technology is supposed to reduce latency up to 50%.

In the video below you can see Nvidia Reflex at work in Overwatch.

Nvidia does not intend to stop at adding support to Overwatch. The next titles to help players with lag will be the popular survival game Rust and Ghostrunner. Especially in the case of the latter, the precious milliseconds of advantage when it comes to reaction time will come in handy, but also the former will benefit from FacePunch Reflex.

"I'm excited to have NVIDIA Reflex integrated into Rust. In Rust everyone wants you dead, reduced latency with Reflex will make sure you're staying ahead of the competition. It's as simple as enabling Reflex through the options menu," Helk, project manager, designer and developer of Rust.

In addition to the aforementioned, Reflex has other improvements, including Boost mode, the description of which on Nvidia's website reads:

"Each NVIDIA Reflex game includes “On” and “Boost Mode”, which players can opt to enable. Boost Mode increases GPU clock speeds in CPU-bound scenarios, allowing the GPU to submit frames to the display faster, thereby improving Reflex’s effectiveness.

With a new NVIDIA Reflex SDK update, Boost Mode further reduces system latency in certain CPU-bound scenarios where the render submission thread is the limiting factor. These types of CPU bound scenarios can occur when there are many objects to render on the screen at once."

Boost mode has been rolled out to Fortnite, with Valorant planned for the next update. Lags have been reduced by up to 15% for both titles.

As for now, we don't know when Reflex will appear in Rust and Ghostrunner, most likely both titles will go through a similar testing process as Overwatch. If you're curious what else Nvidia Reflex has to offer, we refer you to this website for details.

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