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News video games 07 April 2021, 18:42

author: Qskan

CoD: Warzone Players Protest, Launch #FixWarzone to Get Activision's Attention

Call of Duty: Warzone players express their weariness with the current condition of the game. A #FixWarzone campaign was launched on Reddit to draw the developers' attention to bugs and gameplay imbalances.

  • CoD: Warzone players have launched a campaign called #FixWarzone on Reddit;
  • The initiative aims to draw developers' attention to the game's unfixed problems;
  • You can join the action by changing your tag to [FIXWZ].

Call of Duty: Warzone remains one of the most popular online shooters on the market. However, players' relationship with Infinity Ward's and Raven Software's title remains complicated. The community constantly complains about glitches, unbalanced gameplay, as well as a constant flood of cheaters rampant on the servers. The last major update mainly focused on reducing the game's file size, which does not bring us closer to solving these problems.

In response to the lack of action taken by the developers, an interesting initiative was created on Reddit by user SindraGan2001. The movement has a rather telling name: #FixWarzone, and its premise boils down to doing one simple thing - changing your clan tag to [FIXWZ].

So far, the idea has received more than 17 thousand upvotes and 1.5 thousand comments in two days, and websites such as Gamerant and Dexerto wrote about the action, so we can consider that at least the first part of the plan has been implemented - #FixWarzone has gained popularity. Players reacted to the idea with moderate optimism.

"I stopped playing but I will log on today and change my tag to this to support this movement. I agree we need to try something at this point because I really miss playing this game a ton. Good luck!," user MyJuiceIsLoose writes.

The future will tell if #FixWarzone will put any real pressure on developers. The first step has already been taken, we're keeping our fingers crossed for more.

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