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News video games 27 April 2021, 13:42

author: Adrian Werner

Dying Light 2 Dev Talks About Firearms and Decisions

The lead designer of Dying Light 2 answered some questions from fans. Thanks to this, we learned new things about, among other things, the functioning of firearms in the game and the decisions we will make during the campaign.

  1. Developer: Techland
  2. Publisher: Techland
  3. Genre: action game
  4. Platform: PC, PS4, XONE, PS4, XSX
  5. Release Date: God only knows, but said to be this year.

Techland released a new video dedicated to Dying Light 2. This is the first in a series of AMA videos in which Tymon Smektala, the game's lead designer, answers questions sent in by players. Many of the answers include details that were already revealed, but there is also some new information.

One of the most frequently asked questions concerns firearms. This type of weapon will not be found while exploring the game world, because after the collapse of civilization there is no one who could produce them at a professional level. We'll come across crossbows, bows and an additional category (which was not revealed), which is supposed to be something more suited to modern realities.

This does not mean, however, that the game will completely lack firearms. As part of the crafting system players will be able to construct a simple shotgun on their own. When we create it, the hero has to carry it in his left hand. So we'll be running with a shotgun in one hand and a machete in the other, which will offer a lot of freedom during fights. Our shotgun will be primitive and not very well made, so it will degrade quickly in combat. Therefore, it will be a good idea to save it only for the toughest battles.

The designer also explained how the system of choices and consequences in the game works. Decisions made by the player will be divided into three levels:

  1. First/highest level - choices that significantly affect the further development of the main storyline and the game's ending.
  2. Second level - decisions made in missions (both side and main), the consequences of shich are limited to these specific adventures. They also affect the changes in the game world. For example, in one of the quests there will be an opportunity to rescue an opera singer. If we decide to do so, the character will then appear in one of the safe zones. She will sing there, which some NPCs will like, but others will resent us for bringing a diva to their shelter.
  3. The third level - decisions that affect which factions will take control of given territories. Each group will transform the captured segments of the city, which will affect the gameplay. For example, Peacekeepers will build traps that will help us in combat. Survivors, on the other hand, will install ropes and trampolines to facilitate travel.

The grappling hook from the first Dying Light will make a return in the sequel. However, the gadget is to be much more realistic. Smektala used a cool analogy to explain the difference. In the first game, this device enabled us to feel like Spider-Man, while the sequel will offer a Tarzan-like experience. So it won't be possible to fly from one end of the map to the other in a minute. Lower efficiency while moving around the world will be compensated for by the fact that the tool can also be used in combat.

Just like in the original, during the day we'll encounter few zombies on the streets of Dying Light 2, because most will hide from the sun in buildings. However, it will be possible to lure them out, for example, in order to send the horde against human enemies.

One question mentioned the zombie visible on some materials, with something resembling branches growing from its back. Smektala confirmed that it's a new kind of undead, but didn't want to go into details as Techland is preparing to release a comprehensive set of information regarding the game's infected enemies. He only revealed that this particular enemy type will appear based on player decisions.

Dying Light 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The game is expected to be released later this year.

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