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News video games 27 April 2021, 13:31

author: Bart Swiatek

Star Citizen Gets a Big Update, but NPCs Still Stand on Chairs and Benches

Star Citizen received update 3.13.0. It introduces a lot of big changes and innovations to Cloud Imperium Games' work, led by the degradation of ship hulls, ship-to-ship docking and the option to move objects in the game world. However, players are also complaining about some bugs that remain unfixed.


  1. Star Citizen received another major update that added several new features and capabilities to the gameplay;
  2. However, the game is still riddled with bugs - including one related to NPCs standing on chairs and benches that was supposed to be fixed a few patches ago.

A few days ago, Star Citizen received update 3.13.0, which introduced a number of new features and improvements to the game. What kinds of things are involved? The list is quite large - the details are available in an extensive post from the developers, and below you will find a summary of the most important news.

Star Citizen 3.13.0 - new features

  1. Visible degradation of the ship's hull due to wear and tear - the appearance of a starship will change the longer it is in use, until it is serviced or refurbished using insurance. This feature will be unavailable on some ships;
  2. Ability to display starship names and serial numbers;
  3. Ship-to-ship docking - enables us to connect ships in space, whether two or more (this creates so-called constellations)
  4. Reputation visible in the interface - using the new mobiGlas app called Delphi, players can check their relationship with important characters and factions;
  5. Moving and dragging objects in the game world - for now, only with the use of special carts;
  6. Using static guns located on vehicles or on the ground - such weapons offer great firepower, but using them we sacrifice mobility.

Star Citizen - NPCs still stand on benches and chairs

Unfortunately, although the list of new features looks impressive, not all players are satisfied. Some of them complain that a bug that was supposed to be fixed a few patches ago - in patch 3.9.1 - is still in the game. It's a bug that causes NPCs to stand on tables and benches, which obviously spoils the fun and ruins immersion.

"Every time I read that the bug with NPCs standing on chairs has been fixed, on the same day I see NPCs standing on chairs 'full force' as if they were rioting," laughs roflwafflelawl.

"This just goes to show how amazing the AI they've created is. It reads these patch notes and says 'oh yeah?, I'll show you!,'" writes Alaknar Carrack in similar tone.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen

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