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News video games 21 December 2022, 16:30

author: Jakub Tarchala

EA Sums Up 2022; Ton of Trivia and Stats

EA has analyzed its most popular games to pull out some interesting statistics. We know how often the Sims „get it on” and which weapon is the most popular tool in BF 2042.

On the occasion of summarizing the 2022 calendar year, Electronic Arts decided to track and publish the most interesting stats from the most popular games released by the company in recent years.

EA hits with a handful of trivia

The stats have been published on EA's official website and were created based on an analysis of the period from January 1 to October 24, 2022 (although games premiering this year had a shorter study period). Here are some selected stats.

The Sims 4

  • Players have created as many as 436 million Sims, of which nearly 22 million have been killed. On average, only one in twenty Sims lived to see their natural death. The most common reason for death was old age, followed by death from anger, and with drowning in third place.
  • Sims had sex nearly 290 million times. Unfortunately, it is not known how many of these acts resulted in children, but players are apparently eager to counter the sim demographic low.
  • The most popular character trait for The Sims is being romantic. In second place was friendly, and in third place was creativity.

The Sims 4 in our game encyclopedia

Apex Legends

  • A deadly circle that shrinks in size as the game progresses has claimed the lives of 88 million players.
  • The title attracted the highest number of unique active players and achieved the highest daily average of active users among all non-sports-related games.

Apex Legends in our game encyclopedia

Battlefield 2042

  • The ability to set your own rules to follow during a match has contributed to players creating more than 800,000 servers with unique rules.
  • The stats show the five most popular weapons used in online skirmishes. The most popular weapon is the M5A3 assault rifle, which won in the popularity category with the AK24. In third place was the DM7 marksman rifle, followed by the SWS-10 sniper rifle, and in fifth place was the SFAR-M GL automatic rifle.
  • The most popular era from the Portal mode in BF 2042 is Battlefield 3. The world from BF Bad Company 2 ranked second, and the least interesting era according to the stats is the one from BF 1942.

Battlefield 2042 in our game encyclopedia

EA Sports game stats

Publisher has shared also trivia about sports games. Thanks to them, we know that the FIFA series is EA's most popular brand overall, beating by the number of active players every other title analyzed in this regard (in the period January-October 2022). What's more, during this period, Madden NHL series players made almost 10 billion offensive plays during the touchdowns, and in the F1 series they took part in nearly 220 million races.

Jakub Tarchala

Jakub Tarchala

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