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News video games 18 November 2021, 15:20

author: Adrian Werner

Far Cry 6 Doesn't Launch After Latest Patch; Fans Find a Way

The latest patch for Far Cry 6 has messed up the PC version of the game. Many users are reporting that they cannot run the title at all. Fortunately, fans have come up with several ways to work around this problem.

Ubisoft broke the PC version of Far Cry 6. The culprit is an update released on November 16. The publisher's official forums are overflowing with posts from frustrated players who report that after installing the patch the game either stopped launching at all or greets the user with an eternal black screen.

It's been two days since the update was released, and the game still hasn't been fixed. Fortunately, players have figured out two methods to work around the issue themselves.

Method #1, the easy one

If you have problems with starting Far Cry 6, then first try to change the keyboard in the Windows settings to English, assuming you're using a different one.

This method has worked for many players, but if it doesn't work for you (or if you don't feel like constantly changing your keyboard settings whenever you want to play), try the second method.

Method #2, the less easy one

The second method requires making some changed in the game directory. It included the "bin" and "bin_plus" subdirectories. Just copy all the files from the latter to the former.

Of course, we recommend that you make a backup copy of both folders before swapping files.

If none of these methods work for you, then you'll have to be patient and wait for the official fix.

Far Cry 6 was released on October 7 this year on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The game is also available on Google Stadia.

November 16 was marked by the release of Vaas: Insanity, the first major DLC for the game, enabling us to play as one of the villains from the third installment. A lot of people were waiting for the return of Vaas, so the appearance of a flawed update on the day of the DLC's release was particularly annoying.

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