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News video games 11 June 2019, 09:29

author: Christian Pieniazek

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets Rich and Expensive Collector's Edition

Final Fantasy VII Remake received a rich collector's edition called 1st Class Edition. Both the content of this edition and its price are impressive. There is also a much cheaper Deluxe Edition available.

Square Enix not only showed the long gameplay of Final Fantasy VII Remake today, but also revealed the content and price of its Collector's and Deluxe Editions. Before we discuss them, let's remind that the game is coming to PlayStation 4 and will debut on March 3, 2020.

1st Class Edition

The first of the above mentioned editions, called 1st Class Edition, can be ordered from the publisher's official store, priceds at 329.99 dollars.

In return, we will receive a richly illustrated artbook, a CD with music from the game, a steelbook decorated with atmospheric graphics, a 27 cm tall figure of Cloud Strife and a model of his motorcycle - Hardy Daytona. It's all packed in a tasteful box. Additionally, if we decide to place a preorder, we will receive a DLC titled Summon Materia containing Carbuncle, Cactuar and Chocobo Chick as a bonus.

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition costs 79.99 dollars. It is also packed in a tasteful box and contains a steelbook (the same as in 1st Class Edition), an artbook, a CD with music from the game and Cactuar from DLC Summon Materia. Ordering it before the premiere will give us access to Chocobo Chick.

  1. Square Enix official website
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