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News video games 20 February 2022, 14:24

author: Patrick Kubiak

Final Fantasy XIV Without NFTs, But With Visual Refresh

The developers of Final Fantasy XIV have announced that the game will not feature NFTs, but the free trial version will return. Additionally, the title will get a visual update.

"Final Fantasy XIV will not have NFTs, for the time being at least," said game director Naoki Yoshida. FFXIV players can rest easy, as Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda recently spoke out about NFT.

NFT "not at this time"?

The above revelations were divulged by the game's developers in a Letter to the Producer livestream. Yoshida said at the time:

"Based on how FFXIV was designed, we don't intend to incorporate any NFT elements into the game at this time, so if anyone is worried or concerned about that, I can make it clear: we have no such plans."

Questioned by the inclusion of the phrase "at this time" in his statement, Yoshida admitted that the producer has no such intentions at all.

Visual upgrade and return of free trial

It was also announced during the broadcast that a free trial version of this installment of Final Fantasy will return on February 22. Registration for free version of the title was previously suspended due to server instability after the release of the Endwalker expansion.

Additionally, fans were treated to details of a visual update coming in version 7.0 of the game. It will include, among other things, the following changes:

  1. Improved animation and lighting;
  2. Improved shadow effects;
  3. Higher resolution textures (hair, skin, equipment, etc.)
  4. Improved material textures (skin, metal, cloth, etc.);
  5. More environmental objects;
  6. Higher resolution and variety of automatically generated plants, including grass;
  7. Possible improvements to the look and feel of fog and other environmental effects.

This is what the revamped FFXIV will look like:

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