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News video games 29 August 2019, 23:49

author: Christian Pieniazek

First Gameplay and New Release Date of Jumanji: The Video Game

The first gameplay from Jumanji: The Video Game has just been released. In addition, we learned that the game will debut on PC and consoles a week faster than originally planned.

Jumanji: The Video Game, announced at the beginning of June, has a new release date. The game will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch a week faster than originally planned, on November 8 (rather than 15). In addition, a short (though dynamic) video material presenting the game was revealed.

Jumanji: The Video Game can be played solo or in co-op mode, with up to three players. The game will allow us to play the characters known from the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. As you can see, when wandering through mysterious locations, we will not only have to avoid omnipresent traps and overcome numerous obstacles, but also (or maybe above all) fight with our opponents. We will eliminate the latter both with firearms and in close combat, and as we progress, we will unlock new combat skills, costumes and weapons.

Battling opponents will be an important element of Jumanji: The Video Game.
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Jumanji: The Video Game

Jumanji: The Video Game

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